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Source code changes of the file "langDefs/jsx.lang" between
highlight-3.48.tar.bz2 and highlight-3.49.tar.bz2

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jsx.lang  (highlight-3.48.tar.bz2):jsx.lang  (highlight-3.49.tar.bz2)
-- Load JS definition -- Load JS definition
dofile(HL_LANG_DIR.."js.lang") dofile(HL_LANG_DIR.."js.lang")
Description="JSX" Description="JSX"
Categories = {"script", "javascript"}
table.insert(Keywords, table.insert(Keywords,
{ Id=1, { Id=1,
List={ "into", "final", "mixin", "as", "debugger", "log", "assert"}, List={ "into", "final", "mixin", "as", "debugger", "log", "assert"},
} }
) )
table.insert(Keywords, table.insert(Keywords,
{ Id=3, { Id=3,
Regex=[[<[!?]?(?!\-\-)\/?[\w\:\-]+>?|[/?]?>]], Regex=[[<[!?]?(?!\-\-)\/?[\w\:\-]+>?|[/?]?>]],
Group=0, Group=0,
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 2 lines changed or added

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