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Source code changes of the file "langDefs/js.lang" between
highlight-3.48.tar.bz2 and highlight-3.49.tar.bz2

About: highlight converts source code to formatted text with syntax highlighting (for e.g. to HTML, XHTML, RTF, TeX, LaTeX, SVG, BBCode and XML format).

js.lang  (highlight-3.48.tar.bz2):js.lang  (highlight-3.49.tar.bz2)
Description="Javascript" Description="Javascript"
Categories = {"source", "script"}
Digits=[[ (?:0x)[0-9a-fA-F]+|(?:0b)[01]+|(?:0o)[0-8]+|\d*[\.]?\d+(?:[eE][\-\+]\d +)?[lLuU]* ]] Digits=[[ (?:0x)[0-9a-fA-F]+|(?:0b)[01]+|(?:0o)[0-8]+|\d*[\.]?\d+(?:[eE][\-\+]\d +)?[lLuU]* ]]
Keywords={ Keywords={
{ Id=1, { Id=1,
List={"abstract", "break", "class", "const", "continue", "debugger", List={"abstract", "break", "class", "const", "continue", "debugger",
"default", "delete", "enum", "export", "extends", "finally", "default", "delete", "enum", "export", "extends", "finally",
"instanceof", "import", "implements", "in", "goto", "native", "package", "instanceof", "import", "implements", "in", "goto", "native", "package",
"private", "protected", "public", "super", "throw", "throws", "private", "protected", "public", "super", "throw", "throws",
"transient", "typeof", "void", "false", "with", "for", "this", "switch", "try", "transient", "typeof", "void", "false", "with", "for", "this", "switch", "try",
"while", "if", "do", "else", "return", "null", "case", "catch", "true", "new", "while", "if", "do", "else", "return", "null", "case", "catch", "true", "new",
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