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Source code changes of the file "langDefs/idlang.lang" between
highlight-3.48.tar.bz2 and highlight-3.49.tar.bz2

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idlang.lang  (highlight-3.48.tar.bz2):idlang.lang  (highlight-3.49.tar.bz2)
Description="Interactive Data Language" Description="Interactive Data Language"
Categories = {"database"}
Identifiers=[[ [a-zA-Z_][\w\d\*]* ]] Identifiers=[[ [a-zA-Z_][\w\d\*]* ]]
Keywords={ Keywords={
{ Id=1, { Id=1,
List={"pro", "function"}, List={"pro", "function"},
}, },
{ Id=2, { Id=2,
List={"a_correlate", "abs", "acos", "adapt_hist_equal", "alog", "alog10", List={"a_correlate", "abs", "acos", "adapt_hist_equal", "alog", "alog10",
"amoeba", "annotate", "arg_present", "array_equal", "arrow", "ascii_temp late", "amoeba", "annotate", "arg_present", "array_equal", "arrow", "ascii_temp late",
"asin", "assoc", "atan", "axis", "bar_plot", "beseli", "beselj", "beselk ", "asin", "assoc", "atan", "axis", "bar_plot", "beseli", "beselj", "beselk ",
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