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Source code changes of the file "Makefile.am" between
h5utils-1.13.1.tar.gz and h5utils-1.13.2.tar.gz

About: h5utils is a set of utilities for visualization and conversion of scientific data in the free, portable HDF5 format.

Makefile.am  (h5utils-1.13.1):Makefile.am  (h5utils-1.13.2)
skipping to change at line 49 skipping to change at line 49
h5math_LDADD = -lmatheval h5math_LDADD = -lmatheval
h5cyl2cart_SOURCES = h5cyl2cart.c $(COMMON_SRC) h5cyl2cart_SOURCES = h5cyl2cart.c $(COMMON_SRC)
octdir = @OCT_INSTALL_DIR@ octdir = @OCT_INSTALL_DIR@
oct_DATA = @H5READ@ oct_DATA = @H5READ@
h5read.oct: h5read.cc arrayh5.h arrayh5.o h5read.oct: h5read.cc arrayh5.h arrayh5.o
mkoctfile $(DEFS) $(CPPFLAGS) $(srcdir)/h5read.cc $(srcdir)/arrayh5.c $(L DFLAGS) $(LIBS) mkoctfile $(DEFS) $(CPPFLAGS) $(srcdir)/h5read.cc $(srcdir)/arrayh5.c $(L DFLAGS) $(LIBS)
clean-hook: clean-local:
rm -f h5read.oct rm -f h5read.oct
nobase_dist_pkgdata_DATA = $(COLORMAPS) nobase_dist_pkgdata_DATA = $(COLORMAPS)
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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