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Source code changes of the file "include/h460/h46018_h225.h" between
h323plus-1_27_0.tar.gz and h323plus-1_27_1.tar.gz

About: H.323 Plus offers libraries for voice (VoIP) and videoconferencing using H.323.

h46018_h225.h  (h323plus-1_27_0):h46018_h225.h  (h323plus-1_27_1)
skipping to change at line 222 skipping to change at line 222
H323TransportAddress m_address; H323TransportAddress m_address;
OpalGloballyUniqueID m_callId; OpalGloballyUniqueID m_callId;
PThread * SocketCreateThread; PThread * SocketCreateThread;
PDECLARE_NOTIFIER(PThread, H46018Handler, SocketThread); PDECLARE_NOTIFIER(PThread, H46018Handler, SocketThread);
PBoolean m_h46018inOperation; PBoolean m_h46018inOperation;
H323TransportSecurity m_callSecurity; H323TransportSecurity m_callSecurity;
}; };
#ifdef H323_H46019M #ifdef H323_H46019M
typedef map<unsigned, PUDPSocket*> muxSocketMap; typedef std::map<unsigned, PUDPSocket*> muxSocketMap;
typedef map<PString, unsigned> muxPortMap; typedef std::map<PString, unsigned> muxPortMap;
class H46019MultiplexSocket; class H46019MultiplexSocket;
#endif #endif
class PNatMethod_H46019 : public H323NatMethod class PNatMethod_H46019 : public H323NatMethod
{ {
PCLASSINFO(PNatMethod_H46019,H323NatMethod); PCLASSINFO(PNatMethod_H46019,H323NatMethod);
public: public:
/**@name Construction */ /**@name Construction */
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2 lines changed or deleted 2 lines changed or added

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