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Source code changes of the file "go/core/model/User.php" between
groupoffice-6.4.51-php-71.tar.gz and groupoffice-6.4.52-php-71.tar.gz

About: GroupOffice is a web-based office suit: Calendar, CRM, E-mail, File sharing, Projects, Synchronization (6.4 series for PHP 7.1; community version).

User.php  (groupoffice-6.4.51-php-71):User.php  (groupoffice-6.4.52-php-71)
skipping to change at line 15 skipping to change at line 15
use Exception; use Exception;
use GO; use GO;
use GO\Base\Model\AbstractUserDefaultModel; use GO\Base\Model\AbstractUserDefaultModel;
use GO\Base\Model\User as LegacyUser; use GO\Base\Model\User as LegacyUser;
use GO\Base\Util\Http; use GO\Base\Util\Http;
use go\core\model\Acl; use go\core\model\Acl;
use go\core\App; use go\core\App;
use go\core\auth\Method; use go\core\auth\Method;
use go\core\auth\Password; use go\core\auth\Password;
use go\core\auth\PrimaryAuthenticator; use go\core\auth\PrimaryAuthenticator;
use go\core\convert\UserCsv;
use go\core\db\Criteria; use go\core\db\Criteria;
use go\core\orm\Query; use go\core\orm\Query;
use go\core\exception\Forbidden; use go\core\exception\Forbidden;
use go\core\jmap\Entity; use go\core\jmap\Entity;
use go\core\model\Module; use go\core\model\Module;
use go\core\orm\CustomFieldsTrait; use go\core\orm\CustomFieldsTrait;
use go\core\util\DateTime; use go\core\util\DateTime;
use go\core\validate\ErrorCode; use go\core\validate\ErrorCode;
use go\core\model\Group; use go\core\model\Group;
use go\core\model\Settings; use go\core\model\Settings;
skipping to change at line 754 skipping to change at line 755
public function setProfile($values) { public function setProfile($values) {
if(!Module::findByName('community', 'addressbook')) { if(!Module::findByName('community', 'addressbook')) {
throw new \Exception("Can't set profile without address b ook module."); throw new \Exception("Can't set profile without address b ook module.");
} }
$this->contact = $this->getProfile(); $this->contact = $this->getProfile();
$this->contact->setValues($values); $this->contact->setValues($values);
$this->displayName = $this->contact->name; $this->displayName = $this->contact->name;
} }
public static function converters()
$arr = parent::converters();
$arr['text/csv'] = UserCsv::class;
return $arr;
} }
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0 lines changed or deleted 8 lines changed or added

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