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About: Groonga is a fulltext search engine and column store. It lets you write high-performance applications that requires fulltext search.

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News News
==== ====
.. _release-10-0-8:
Release 10.0.8 - 2020-10-29
* [:doc:`reference/commands/select`] Added support for large drilldown keys.
* The maximum on the key size of Groonga's tables are 4KiB.
However, if we specify multiple keys in drilldown, the size of drilldown key
s may be larger than 4KiB.
* For example, if the total size for ``tag`` key and ``n_like`` key is lager
than 4KiB in the following case,
the drilldown had failed.
.. code-block::
select Entries \
--limit -1 \
--output_columns tag,n_likes \
--drilldowns[tag.n_likes].keys tag,n_likes \
--drilldowns[tag.n_likes].output_columns _value.tag,_value.n_likes,_nsub
* Because the drilldown packes specifying all keys for drilldown. So, if eac
h the size of drilldown key is large,
the size of the packed drilldown keys is larger than 4KiB.
* This feature requires `xxHash <https://github.com/Cyan4973/xxHash>`_ .
* However, if we install Groonga from package, we can use this feature witho
ut doing anything special.
Because Groonga's package already include `xxHash <https://github.com/Cyan
4973/xxHash>`_ .
* [:doc:`reference/commands/select`] Added support for handling as the same dyna
mic column even if columns refer to different tables.
* We can't have handled the same dynamic column if columns refer to different
tables until now.
Because the type of columns is different.
* However, from this version, we can handle the same dynamic column even if co
lumns refer to different tables by casting to built-in types as below.
.. code-block::
table_create Store_A TABLE_HASH_KEY ShortText
table_create Store_B TABLE_HASH_KEY ShortText
table_create Customers TABLE_HASH_KEY Int32
column_create Customers customers_A COLUMN_VECTOR Store_A
column_create Customers customers_B COLUMN_VECTOR Store_B
load --table Customers
{"_key": 1604020694, "customers_A": ["A", "B", "C"]},
{"_key": 1602724694, "customers_B": ["Z", "V", "Y", "T"]},
select Customers \
--filter '_key == 1604020694' \
--columns[customers].stage output \
--columns[customers].flags COLUMN_VECTOR \
--columns[customers].type ShortText \
--columns[customers].value 'customers_A' \
--output_columns '_key, customers'
* We have needed to set ``Store_A`` or ``Store_B`` in the ``type`` of ``custom
ers`` column until now.
* The type of ``customers_A`` column cast to ``ShortText`` in the above exampl
* By this, we can also set the value of ``customers_B`` in the value of ``cust
omers`` column.
Because both the key of ``customers_A`` and ``customers_B`` are ``ShortText`
` type.
* [:doc:`reference/commands/select`] Improved performance when the number of rec
ords for search result are huge.
* This optimization works when below cases.
* ``--filter 'column <= "value"'`` or ``--filter 'column >= "value"'``
* ``--filter 'column == "value"'``
* ``--filter 'between(...)'`` or ``--filter 'between(_key, ...)'``
* ``--filter 'sub_filter(reference_column, ...)'``
* Comparing against ``_key`` such as ``--filter '_key > "value"'``.
* ``--filter 'geo_in_circle(...)'``
* Updated bundled LZ4 to 1.9.2 from 1.8.2.
* Added support xxHash 0.8
* [httpd] Updated bundled nginx to 1.19.4.
* Fixed the following bugs related the browser based administration tool. [GitHu
b#1139][Reported by sutamin]
* The problem that Groonga's logo had not been displayed.
* The problem that the throughput chart had not been displayed on the index pa
ge for Japanese.
* [:doc:`/reference/functions/between`] Fixed a bug that ``between(_key, ...)``
is always evaluated by sequential search.
* sutamin
.. _release-10-0-7: .. _release-10-0-7:
Release 10.0.7 - 2020-09-29 Release 10.0.7 - 2020-09-29
--------------------------- ---------------------------
Improvements Improvements
^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^
* [highlight], [:doc:`/reference/functions/highlight_full`] Added support for no rmalizer options. * [highlight], [:doc:`/reference/functions/highlight_full`] Added support for no rmalizer options.
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