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Source code changes of the file "lib/src/gretl_prn.h" between
gretl-2020d.tar.xz and gretl-2020e.tar.xz

About: gretl (Gnu Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library) is a cross-platform statistical package mainly for econometric analysis.

gretl_prn.h  (gretl-2020d.tar.xz):gretl_prn.h  (gretl-2020e.tar.xz)
skipping to change at line 136 skipping to change at line 136
void gretl_prn_newline (PRN *prn); void gretl_prn_newline (PRN *prn);
void gretl_print_flush_stream (PRN *prn); void gretl_print_flush_stream (PRN *prn);
void gretl_print_close_stream (PRN *prn); void gretl_print_close_stream (PRN *prn);
int printing_to_standard_stream (PRN *prn); int printing_to_standard_stream (PRN *prn);
int print_redirection_level (PRN *prn); int print_redirection_level (PRN *prn);
const char *print_redirection_filename (PRN *prn);
int print_redirected_at_level (PRN *prn, int level); int print_redirected_at_level (PRN *prn, int level);
int print_start_redirection (PRN *prn, FILE *fp, int print_start_redirection (PRN *prn, FILE *fp,
const char *fname,
const char *strvar); const char *strvar);
int print_end_redirection (PRN *prn); int print_end_redirection (PRN *prn);
int plain_format (PRN *prn); int plain_format (PRN *prn);
int rtf_format (PRN *prn); int rtf_format (PRN *prn);
int rtf_doc_format (PRN *prn); int rtf_doc_format (PRN *prn);
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0 lines changed or deleted 3 lines changed or added

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