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Source code changes of the file "tools/makedist" between
gretl-2020a.tar.xz and gretl-2020b.tar.xz

About: gretl (Gnu Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library) is a cross-platform statistical package mainly for econometric analysis.

makedist  (gretl-2020a.tar.xz):makedist  (gretl-2020b.tar.xz)
skipping to change at line 13 skipping to change at line 13
# the directory above the source tree # the directory above the source tree
parent=/home/cottrell/stats/esl parent=/home/cottrell/stats/esl
version=$(grep GRETL_VERSION[^_] ${parent}/gretl-git/lib/src/version.h | \ version=$(grep GRETL_VERSION[^_] ${parent}/gretl-git/lib/src/version.h | \
awk '{ print $NF}' | sed s/[\"\;]//g) awk '{ print $NF}' | sed s/[\"\;]//g)
versiondir=gretl-${version} versiondir=gretl-${version}
tarfile="${versiondir}.tar.xz" tarfile="${versiondir}.tar.xz"
echo "making dist file for gretl $version using filename $tarfile" echo "making dist file for gretl $version using filename $tarfile"
# make time stamp
cd ${parent}/gretl-git && date > share/gretl.stamp
# make the distribution archive # make the distribution archive
cd $parent cd $parent
echo "making archive..." echo "making archive..."
# copy across pre-built helpfiles
cp gretl-git/build/doc/commands/gretl_*ref.* gretl-git/share
cp gretl-git/build/doc/commands/gretlhelp.refs gretl-git/share
mv gretl-git ${versiondir} mv gretl-git ${versiondir}
rm -f $tarfile rm -f $tarfile
tar cvJfX $tarfile tar_exclude ${versiondir} tar cvJfX $tarfile tar_exclude ${versiondir}
mv ${versiondir} gretl-git mv ${versiondir} gretl-git
# remove pre-built helpfiles
rm -f gretl-git/share/gretl_*ref.*
rm -f gretl-git/share/gretlhelp.refs
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