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Source code changes of the file "system/blueprints/flex/pages.yaml" between
grav-v1.7.17.zip and grav-v1.7.18.zip

About: Grav is a fast, simple, and flexible flat-file based CMS platform (using YAML and PHP). Contents are just simple markdown files in folders with optional extensions via API and hooks.

pages.yaml  (grav-v1.7.17):pages.yaml  (grav-v1.7.18)
skipping to change at line 187 skipping to change at line 187
# Set default ordering of the pages # Set default ordering of the pages
ordering: ordering:
storage_key: ASC storage_key: ASC
search: search:
# Search options # Search options
options: options:
contains: 1 contains: 1
# Fields to be searched # Fields to be searched
fields: fields:
- key - key
- slug
- menu - menu
- title - title
- name
blueprints: blueprints:
configure: configure:
fields: fields:
import@: import@:
type: configure/compat type: configure/compat
context: blueprints://flex context: blueprints://flex
# Regular form definition # Regular form definition
form: form:
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