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Source code changes of the file "src/export.c" between
gpgme-1.15.0.tar.bz2 and gpgme-1.15.1.tar.bz2

About: GPGME (GnuPG Made Easy) is a library that provides a High-Level Crypto API for encryption, decryption, signing, signature verification and key management.

export.c  (gpgme-1.15.0.tar.bz2):export.c  (gpgme-1.15.1.tar.bz2)
skipping to change at line 86 skipping to change at line 86
static gpgme_error_t static gpgme_error_t
export_status_handler (void *priv, gpgme_status_code_t code, char *args) export_status_handler (void *priv, gpgme_status_code_t code, char *args)
{ {
gpgme_ctx_t ctx = (gpgme_ctx_t) priv; gpgme_ctx_t ctx = (gpgme_ctx_t) priv;
gpgme_error_t err; gpgme_error_t err;
void *hook; void *hook;
op_data_t opd; op_data_t opd;
const char *loc; const char *loc;
err = _gpgme_passphrase_status_handler (priv, code, args);
if (err)
return err;
err = _gpgme_op_data_lookup (ctx, OPDATA_EXPORT, &hook, -1, NULL); err = _gpgme_op_data_lookup (ctx, OPDATA_EXPORT, &hook, -1, NULL);
opd = hook; opd = hook;
if (err) if (err)
return err; return err;
switch (code) switch (code)
{ {
loc = parse_error (args, &err); loc = parse_error (args, &err);
if (!loc) if (!loc)
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0 lines changed or deleted 4 lines changed or added

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