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About: GPGME (GnuPG Made Easy) is a library that provides a High-Level Crypto API for encryption, decryption, signing, signature verification and key management.

ChangeLog  (gpgme-1.15.0.tar.bz2):ChangeLog  (gpgme-1.15.1.tar.bz2)
2021-01-08 Werner Koch <wk@gnupg.org>
Release 1.15.1.
+ commit bb9880778fb16cdb6de83905e45bf6c965770013
Make distcheck make target a bit more reliable.
+ commit 133050b3fa28122a4b60dbbde698fb14379ccf95
* Makefile.am (release): Do not pass --parallel
2021-01-05 Ingo Klöcker <dev@ingo-kloecker.de>
core: Make listing of signatures work if only secret keys are listed.
+ commit 5137d7fc214d0d9dcb947ccdc32fa87979f9a6d0
* src/engine-gpg.c (gpg_keylist_build_options): Add "--with-sig-check"
argument if signatures shall be listed.
* tests/gpg/t-keylist-secret-sig.c: New.
* tests/gpg/Makefile.am (c_tests): Add new test.
2021-01-04 Ingo Klöcker <dev@ingo-kloecker.de>
cpp: Add const-overload of UserID::Signature::operator<
+ commit a6220adf3081c9c848f6d0a6fc3774cb168ccf9c
lang/cpp/src/key.h, lang/cpp/src/key.cpp (UserID::Signature::operator<):
Add const-overload. Deprecate non-const overload.
2021-01-04 Andre Heinecke <aheinecke@gnupg.org>
Qt: Undeprecate QByteArray based start functs.
+ commit 543e2106386f00ebecf7653e7896fa12a6e828ff
* lang/qt/src/encryptjob.h, lang/qt/src/signjob.h (start):
Undeprecate QByteArray based functions.
2020-12-03 NIIBE Yutaka <gniibe@fsij.org>
python: Fix key_export*.
+ commit 7a4fe82a017b751ad756c93d2b9e31d7be045275
* lang/python/src/core.py (key_export): Just raise an error.
(key_export_minimal, key_export_secret): Ditto.
2020-11-24 NIIBE Yutaka <gniibe@fsij.org>
core: Call _gpgme_passphrase_status_handler when exporting keys.
+ commit 53ac732bae46e1f883998e987fc84d4cababde12
* src/export.c (export_status_handler): Call the handler.
2020-11-20 Andre Heinecke <aheinecke@gnupg.org>
Revert "cpp: Use portable off_t size_t"
+ commit a5c4b030258714dd72a2e276114183309cad3ec3
This reverts commit 88294023c196497cfa6737be262c8b0c09d2a3ce.
2020-11-20 NIIBE Yutaka <gniibe@fsij.org>
m4: Update with newer autoconf constructs.
+ commit 4c6fd361593e22092770d120d68a18b4f70e0bb8
* src/gpgme.m4: Replace AC_HELP_STRING to AS_HELP_STRING.
2020-11-18 Andre Heinecke <aheinecke@gnupg.org>
cpp: Use portable off_t size_t.
+ commit 88294023c196497cfa6737be262c8b0c09d2a3ce
* configure.ac: Configure cpp data.h.in
* lang/cpp/src/Makefile.am: Generate data.h
* lang/cpp/src/data.cpp, lang/cpp/src/data.h: Use portable
* lang/qt/src/Makefile.am: Include build dir.
* lang/qt/tests/makefile.am: Include build dir.
2020-11-18 Ingo Klöcker <dev@ingo-kloecker.de>
Daniel Kahn Gillmor
qt: Avoid empty "rem@gnupg.org" signature notations.
+ commit 3c185c2159cdcc23f44773fe1cfb624b27598c80
* lang/qt/src/qgpgmesignkeyjob.cpp (sign_key): Check remark for being
an empty string instead of a null QString.
2020-11-18 NIIBE Yutaka <gniibe@fsij.org>
build: Update with newer autoconf constructs.
+ commit 223779dfdeb7808809372587fa135a8cc2616ce8
* configure.ac: Use AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS instead of AC_GNU_SOURCE.
* m4/libtool.m4: Update from libgpg-error.
* m4/gpg-error.m4: Update from libgpg-error.
* m4/libassuan.m4: Update from libassuan.
2020-11-12 Andre Heinecke <aheinecke@gnupg.org>
qt: Fix export of qDebug GpgME::Error overload.
+ commit df5a89e6929479dc1bf301974fe7d607d024bc1f
* lang/qt/src/debug.cpp: Include debug.h to get the export decl.
2020-11-12 Werner Koch <wk@gnupg.org> 2020-11-12 Werner Koch <wk@gnupg.org>
build: Use ~/.gnupg-autogen.sh for the release targets.
+ commit 27abdac25dcd4ba57e073a5de2f057830e623282
* Makefile.am (sign-release): Use global config vars.
Post release updates.
+ commit 01a0d8ec1aa8543dca0986c6dcb5cabc535aae2c
Release 1.15.0. Release 1.15.0.
+ commit feea38c89d4ceb40334f884da9ab07cc4b73e757 + commit feea38c89d4ceb40334f884da9ab07cc4b73e757
* configure.ac: Bump LT versions to c=C35/A24/R0, cpp=C18/A13/R0, * configure.ac: Bump LT versions to c=C35/A24/R0, cpp=C18/A13/R0,
qt=C12/A5/R0. qt=C12/A5/R0.
2020-11-12 NIIBE Yutaka <gniibe@fsij.org> 2020-11-12 NIIBE Yutaka <gniibe@fsij.org>
Louis Dupré Bertoni Louis Dupré Bertoni
core: Support exporting secret keys. core: Support exporting secret keys.
+ commit 3382ecb17eb5d2a373cf2eccb301854fff42f6aa + commit 3382ecb17eb5d2a373cf2eccb301854fff42f6aa
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