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Source code changes of the file "auto-completion/googler_at/googler_at" between
googler-4.0.tar.gz and googler-4.1.tar.gz

About: googler is a command line tool to search Google (Web & News) from the terminal (requires Python).

googler_at  (googler-4.0):googler_at  (googler-4.1)
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# OMG! Ubuntu! # OMG! Ubuntu!
alias @omg='googler -w omgubuntu.co.uk' alias @omg='googler -w omgubuntu.co.uk'
# OpenSubtitles # OpenSubtitles
alias @op='googler -w opensubtitles.org' alias @op='googler -w opensubtitles.org'
# Opensource.com # Opensource.com
alias @opensource='googler -w opensource.com' alias @opensource='googler -w opensource.com'
# Open Source Alternative # Open Source Alternative
alias @osalt='googler -w osalt.com' alias @osalt='googler -w osalt.com'
# OSDev Wiki # OSDev Wiki
alias @osdev='googler -w wiki.osdev.org' alias @osdev='googler -w wiki.osdev.org'
# OSTechNix
alias @ostech='googler -w ostechnix.com'
# OpenWrt # OpenWrt
alias @owrt='googler -w openwrt.org' alias @owrt='googler -w openwrt.org'
# Oxford Dictionary # Oxford Dictionary
alias @ox='googler -w en.oxforddictionaries.com' alias @ox='googler -w en.oxforddictionaries.com'
# P # P
# Google Patents # Google Patents
alias @patent='googler -w patents.google.com' alias @patent='googler -w patents.google.com'
# The Pirate Bay # The Pirate Bay
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