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Source code changes of the file "src/cmd/compile/internal/ir/symtab.go" between
go1.19.src.tar.gz and go1.19.1.src.tar.gz

About: Google’s Go is a compiled, garbage-collected, concurrent programming language.
Latest stable release (1.19).

symtab.go  (go1.19.src):symtab.go  (go1.19.1.src)
skipping to change at line 29 skipping to change at line 29
Asanwrite *obj.LSym Asanwrite *obj.LSym
CheckPtrAlignment *obj.LSym CheckPtrAlignment *obj.LSym
Deferproc *obj.LSym Deferproc *obj.LSym
DeferprocStack *obj.LSym DeferprocStack *obj.LSym
Deferreturn *obj.LSym Deferreturn *obj.LSym
Duffcopy *obj.LSym Duffcopy *obj.LSym
Duffzero *obj.LSym Duffzero *obj.LSym
GCWriteBarrier *obj.LSym GCWriteBarrier *obj.LSym
Goschedguarded *obj.LSym Goschedguarded *obj.LSym
Growslice *obj.LSym Growslice *obj.LSym
Memmove *obj.LSym
Msanread *obj.LSym Msanread *obj.LSym
Msanwrite *obj.LSym Msanwrite *obj.LSym
Msanmove *obj.LSym Msanmove *obj.LSym
Newobject *obj.LSym Newobject *obj.LSym
Newproc *obj.LSym Newproc *obj.LSym
Panicdivide *obj.LSym Panicdivide *obj.LSym
Panicshift *obj.LSym Panicshift *obj.LSym
PanicdottypeE *obj.LSym PanicdottypeE *obj.LSym
PanicdottypeI *obj.LSym PanicdottypeI *obj.LSym
Panicnildottype *obj.LSym Panicnildottype *obj.LSym
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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