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Source code changes of the file "lib/gnuastro/txt.h" between
gnuastro-0.7.tar.lz and gnuastro-0.8.tar.lz

About: Gnuastro (GNU Astronomy Utilities) consists of separate command line programs for the manipulation and analysis of astronomical data.

txt.h  (gnuastro-0.7.tar.lz):txt.h  (gnuastro-0.8.tar.lz)
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}; };
/* Functions */ /* Functions */
int int
gal_txt_line_stat(char *line); gal_txt_line_stat(char *line);
gal_data_t * gal_data_t *
gal_txt_table_info(char *filename, size_t *numcols, size_t *numrows); gal_txt_table_info(char *filename, gal_list_str_t *lines, size_t *numcols,
size_t *numrows);
gal_data_t * gal_data_t *
gal_txt_table_read(char *filename, size_t numrows, gal_data_t *colinfo, gal_txt_image_info(char *filename, gal_list_str_t *lines, size_t *numimg,
gal_list_sizet_t *indexll, size_t minmapsize); size_t *dsize);
gal_data_t * gal_data_t *
gal_txt_image_read(char *filename, size_t minmapsize); gal_txt_table_read(char *filename, gal_list_str_t *lines, size_t numrows,
gal_data_t *colinfo, gal_list_sizet_t *indexll,
size_t minmapsize);
gal_data_t *
gal_txt_image_read(char *filename, gal_list_str_t *lines, size_t minmapsize);
gal_list_str_t *
gal_txt_stdin_read(long timeout_microsec);
void void
gal_txt_write(gal_data_t *input, gal_list_str_t *comment, char *filename, gal_txt_write(gal_data_t *input, gal_list_str_t *comment, char *filename,
uint8_t colinfoinstdout); uint8_t colinfoinstdout);
__END_C_DECLS /* From C++ preparations */ __END_C_DECLS /* From C++ preparations */
#endif /* __GAL_TXT_H__ */ #endif /* __GAL_TXT_H__ */
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4 lines changed or deleted 13 lines changed or added

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