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About: GNATS (GNU Problem Report Management System) is a set of tools for tracking bugs reported by users to a central site.

ChangeLog  (gnats-4.1.0):ChangeLog  (gnats-4.2.0)
2015-01-16 Alex Manoussakis <amanou@savannah.gnu.org>
* gnats/Makefile.am: Add *.sh files to EXTRA_DIST
so they are picked up during make dist
2015-01-15 Alex Manoussakis <amanou@savannah.gnu.org>
* gnats/Makefile.am: Remove reference to obsoleted file getdate.h
2015-01-10 Alex Manoussakis <amanou@savannah.gnu.org>
* gnats/dbconfig.in: Change @PKGLIBEXECDIR@ to @pkglibexecdir@
* gnats/send-pr.conf.in: Change @SYSCONFDIR@ to @sysconfdir@
2015-01-09 Alex Manoussakis <amanou@savannah.gnu.org>
* gnats/gnats.h: Add <limits.h> for LONG_MAX (moved from queue-pr.c).
* gnats/queue-pr.c: Move <limits.h> to better place for it (gnats.h).
* gnats/send-pr.sh:
- Add >&2 to recently added options' USAGE messages that missed it.
- Fix check for missing configuration to use unknown instead of default
since if we have a default other than unknown it's what we configured.
- Add count limits in the two while loops that ask for user input, to
prevent infinite loop that can happen if the script loses the terminal.
- Escape ampersands in the Synopsis being copied as the Subject because
they are special to "ed", to avoid things like AT&T changing to A: T.
2015-01-06 Alex Manoussakis <amanou@savannah.gnu.org>
* gnats/queue-pr.c: Rearrange the order of #include directives
to address compilation issues on Solaris 8 and 10.
* gnats/query-pr.c: add g: to the short option list so that -g is
2015-01-05 Alex Manoussakis <amanou@savannah.gnu.org>
* gnats/send-pr.sh:
- Fix missing x typo in "x$ORGANIZATION" comparison.
- Avoid forcing empty SUBMITTER to "unknown"; some sites build gnats
with ./configure --enable-submitter=" " to make Submitter-Id be input
by the user like any other field. By default it's "unknown" already.
- Replace ECHO_N / ECHO_C with the more portable printf, for predictable
behavior at runtime even when distributing pre-built clients elsewhere.
2014-12-31 Alex Manoussakis <amanou@savannah.gnu.org>
* gnats/send-pr.sh:
- Put in a hack for allowing PRs to be re-edited upon submission errors.
- Removed unneeded dependency to fgrep, grep is enough.
- Replace paste (PR#691) with tr again, this time adding an echo to
ensure trailing newline. Paste was too slow dealing with many values.
- send-pr will now check for GNATS_CREATE_TEMPLATE enviornment variable
and allow users to overload the default send-pr entry template by the
customized template file indicated by GNATS_CREATE_TEMPLATE.
- Avoid removing temp file to prevent race condition where someone
else may replace it with their own, causing the script to read
possibly malicious data. send-pr deletes temp files at the end anyway.
- Enhance send-pr to accept (host/port/user/passwd) like edit-pr does.
2014-12-29 Alex Manoussakis <amanou@savannah.gnu.org>
* gnats/Makefile.am: Add getdate.c to CLEANFILES since it's generated,
and correct $(libexec_SCRIPTS) to $(pkglibexec_SCRIPTS).
2014-12-28 Alex Manoussakis <amanou@savannah.gnu.org>
Updates that allow building with clang compiler tested on linux and OSX.
* gnats/internal.c (get_curr_date): Remove wrong cast and replace 0
with NULL to fix clang warning: "expression which evaluates to zero
treated as a null pointer constant of type 'time_t *'"
2014-12-28 Alex Manoussakis <amanou@savannah.gnu.org>
Move datastore-specific programs and scripts to the ds-file directory
further paving the way for multiple datastore support.
* gnats/Makefile.am: Add . to SUBDIRS so libgnats.a is build first,
and add explicit target for query-pr.o so that the datastore-specific
objects are built before any programs, ensuring both libgnats and
datastore-specific libraries are available for linking.
Remove check-db, mkdb, mkcat, rmcat, gen-index, gen-closed-date
from this file, and move them to gnats/ds-file/Makefile.am
since they are datastore-specific.
2014-12-27 Chad Walstrom <chewie@wookimus.net>
* gnats/Makefile.am: explicit build rules for shell scripts for
path substitution.
* gnats/*.sh: Removed *exec/*bin variables and updated the PATH
environment variable in each script.
* gnats/dbconfig.in: Update @LIBEXECDIR@ to @PKGLIBEXECDIR@
2014-12-23 Alex Manoussakis <amanou@savannah.gnu.org>
* gnats/Makefile.am: Don't set DSLIB_DIR here, we are setting it
in configure.ac
2014-12-22 Alex Manoussakis <amanou@savannah.gnu.org>
These changes allow building with gcc-4.8 without breaking older ones.
* gnats/Makefile.am: Use $@ $< variables instead of spelling files
by name in the targets we build with -Wno-error. Also remove
getdate.o target due to using newer getdate.y, but add gnugetopt.o
to avoid its warnings with gcc-4.8 from being fatal.
* gnats/getdate.h: Removing file that's no longer needed.
* gnats/getdate.y: Replacing with copy from the libarchive-2.6.2
library, since the old file had build issues on new systems / gcc-4.8.
The replacement builds clean, and adds checks for invalid dates
such as 2002-03-32.
2014-12-22 Alex Manoussakis <amanou@savannah.gnu.org>
These changes allow building with -Werror turned back on all the way
up to gcc-4.7.
* gnats/Makefile.am:
- Avoid warnings from being fatal for generated code or other
libraries by using custom targets for fconfigl.o, getdate.o,
gnugetopt1.o, regex.o building them as:
$(COMPILE) -Wno-error -c -o file.o file.c
* gnats/edit.c (lock_pr): Refactor the code a bit so that the return
value of fgets() is used, to avoid compilation warning.
* gnats/gnatsd.c
- Get rid of unused variable access, and call exit when error is
- Call syslog instead of log_msg, so that the %m sequence will work;
it prints strerror(errno) according to syslog(3). This minor
change also brings consistency with the other logging in this
function which also calls syslog().
(main): Get rid of unused variable dbinfo.
* gnats/query.c
(process_format): Add missing format specifier "%s" to fprintf
statement to avoid compilation warnings.
(parseSimpleQueryExpression): Initialize len variable to avoid
compilation warnings.
* gnats/queue-pr.c (main): Call usage() upon error, instead of
trying to use fprintf with an array of strings in a broken way.
* gnats/acconfig.h: Removing deprecated file, not needed anymore
since we are using AC_DEFINE with 3 arguments for stuff like
HAVE_KERBEROS and HAVE_SOCKLEN_T which generates the templates for
2014-12-21 Alex Manoussakis <amanou@savannah.gnu.org>
* gnats/gnats.h: Only define _POSIX_SOURCE if we are on linux, and
especially NOT FreeBSD since that macro causes errors with system
headers there unless sys/types.h is included earlier, but feature
macros are supposed to be defined before any system headers are
2012-01-07 Chad Walstrom <chewie@wookimus.net>
* gnats/Makefile.am: Added in AM_CFLAGS to map in GCC_CFLAGS.
Added AM_LFLAGS to map in FLEX_LFLAGS.
* gnats/acconfig.h: Regenerated.
* gnats/fconfigl.l: Added missing function prototypes.
* gnats/fconfigl.l: Added noinput and never-interactive
options to the lexer. flex does not produce very clean source.
* gnats/gnats.h: Added _POSIX_SOURCE = 1 before #include
<stdio.h> since fileno is not standard C. The feature test
macro is required.
* gnats/regex.c: Added missing prototypes.
2012-01-07 Alexandros Manoussakis <alex@juniper.net>
* gnats/getdate.y: Updated #if macro to include STDC_HEADERS
2009-12-26 skoot@qi.pl
* send-pr.sh: Copy TEMP file back in to request before sending
'--request-id'. Closes: #484
2008-02-03 Chad Walstrom <chewie@wookimus.net>
* edit-pr.sh: Exit with error if PR could not be locked.
Closes: #767
2008-02-03 Stephane Chazelas <Stephane@artesyncp.com>
* Makefile.am(install-data-hook): Fix call to install default
configuration files. Closes: #768
* query.c(stripWhiteSpace): Fixes failed queries because of
whitespace stripping. Closes: #771
* edit-pr.sh: Use the email address in the responsible field
if found, otherwise use the environment settings. Closed:
2007-12-28 Stephane Chazelas <Stephane@artesyncp.com>
* gnatsd.c(startConnection): Test value rather than "defined"
for HAVE_DECL_AF_INET6. It is always defined. Closes: #615
2007-09-22 Yves Martin <yves.martin@support.elca.ch>
* cmds.c (set_confidential_access): removed spaces in the
query expression. Affects versions 4.1.0 forward.
2007-09-16 Chad Walstrom <chewie@wookimus.net>
* autoconf.h.in: Dropped. Generated by autoheader, thereby
doesn't belong in CVS.
* Makefile.am (install-data-hook): Conditionally copy in
configuration files rather than overwrite what might already
be there. Fail gracefully when symlinks fail.
2007-08-08 Chad Walstrom <chewie@wookimus.net>
* Everything: Updated all of the copyright notices to indicate
GPL version 3 is now the appropriate license.
* mit-copyright.h: Noticed that mk_auth.c was without this
important document.
2007-04-30 Martin Tournoij <carpetsmoker@xs4all.nl>
* install-sid.sh (usage): The install-sid script wants to be
executed by /bin/sh, but is a bash script. Remove "function"
keyword. Closes: PR#746
2007-03-01 Chad Walstrom <chewie@wookimus.net>
* Makefile.am: Used AM_CONDITIONAL that set in ../acinclude.m4
to build mk_auth.c intelligently.
* mk_auth.c: Removed #ifdef HAVE_KERBEROS...#endif
* autoconf.h.in: configure correctly included a new define for
* client.c(clientConnect): Moved host and server variable
declaration up so that the Kerberos routines could call them.
2006-09-29 Stephane Chazelas <Stephane@artesyncp.com>
* gnatsd.c(startConnection): Fixed conditional, moved paren
outside macro. Closes: PR#615
2006-10-04 Chad Walstrom <chewie@wookimus.net>
* autoconf.h.in: configure included a new define for
* gnatsd.c(startConnection): Conditionally include AF_INET6 if
defined as a symbol or preprocessor variable.
Closes: PR#615
2006-09-29 Chad Walstrom <chewie@wookimus.net>
* at-pr.sh, check-db.sh, delete-pr.sh, diff-prs.sh,
edit-pr.sh, file-pr.sh, install-sid.sh, mail-agent.sh,
mail-query.sh, mkcat.sh, mkdb.sh, rmcat.sh, send-pr.sh: Added
the path environment variables determined by autoconf to each
script so that variable substitution works correctly. Fixed
some typos. Closes: PR#669
* Makefile.am: Removed targets for shell scripts. Handled by
../configure.ac now.
2006-09-29 Stephane Chazelas <Stephane@artesyncp.com>
* send-pr.sh: Portability problem with sed and tr. Use paste
instead. Closes: PR#691
* send-pr.sh: The comments inside <...> are not removed from
custom templates before submitting the PR as they are when a
template is not provided. Some error messages where not sent
to stderr. Some tidy up in other places as well. Added a
$SENDPR_CLEANUP variable that the user might want to define in
his ~/.send-pr.conf. Closes: PR#697
2006-08-06 Stephane Chazelas <Stephane@artesyncp.com>
* mkcat.sh: doesn't take into account the "category-dir-perms"
parameter in dbconfig when creating category directories.
Closes: PR#655
2006-06-30 Stephane Chazelas <Stephane@artesyncp.com>
* edit-pr.sh: missing quote on line 172 (it's OK for the
Bourne shell and AT&T ksh based sh, but not other shells), and
the tr syntax, though POSIX is causing trouble with Solaris
tr. Closes: PR#613
2006-05-30 Michael van Elst <mlelstv@serpens.de>
* diff-prs.sh: Speed up diffs-prs.sh. Do not append linebuffers
but store them in an array and don't bother to compare field
contents if the number of lines already differs. Closes: PR#598.
(Committed by Chad Walstrom).
2006-05-24 Alexandros Manoussakis <amm2@andrew.cmu.edu>
* gnats/edit.c: Removed function addAuditEntryP which checked
globally for an add-audit-trail line in dbconfig. Updated function
applyChangeActions so that add-audit-trail is checked in the loop
that goes through the on-change blocks. This makes the on-change
query-expression be honored, and also allows for on-change blocks
to have different audit-trail-formats. Also added audit-trail-format
processing in the global on-change block.
Closes: PR#551
2006-05-11 Jonathan Guthrie <jguthrie@brokersys.com>
* gnats/gnatsd.c(get_name): Added a parameter to accept
address type and make it safe for ipv6 addresses.
(startConnection): changed call to get_name and tested for
AF_INET6 family. Closes: PR#601
2006-04-20 Chad C. Walstrom <chewie@wookimus.net>
* gnats/gnats.h: Added the global variable global_db_list_file
so that it can be specified on the command-line.
* database.c(initDatabaseList): Use the global variable
variable to specify the location of the ``databases'' file.
* gnats/gen-closed-date.c, gen-index.c, getclose.c, gnatsd.c,
pr-age.c, pr-edit.c, pr-stat.c, query-pr.c, queue-pr.c(main):
Added long (--global-databases-file) and short option (-g)
processing for setting the global_db_list_file variable.
Closes: PR#544
2005-12-31 Chad C. Walstrom <chewie@wookimus.net>
* gnats/Makefile.am: Cleanup. Some files weren't being
included in the distribution tarball; the shell scripts for
example. Added the "dist_" prefix to the emacs lisp file. No
need to set shells executable, automake will handle that.
Switched back to datadir instead of pkgdatadir. Added
install-data-hook to create symlinks from default database
files in the datadir.
* gnats/ds-file/Makefile.am: Fixed typo. EXTRA_DIST_FILES to
* gnats/at-pr.sh, gnats/check-db.sh, gnats/delete-pr.sh,
gnats/edit-pr.sh, gnats/file-pr.sh, gnats/install-sid.sh,
gnats/mail-query.sh, gnats/mkdb.sh, gnats/send-pr.sh: Updated
pathname substitution to reflect reality, using @libexecdir@
instead of @prefix@/lib/, for example.
2005-12-22 Chad C. Walstrom <chewie@wookimus.net>
* gnats/*.sh: Replaced xVARx with @VAR@ to simplify build
2005-11-21 Mel Hatzis <hatzis@juniper.net>
* gnats/gnats.el(gnats-process-filter): Bug fix.
(gnats-menu-build-paned-menu, gnats-request-enum): New feature.
Build multi-paned menus for some lists (useful if you have
many categories for example).
2005-11-21 Mark D Baushke <mdb@gnu.org>
* gnats.el (gnats-do-query): Accept a list of PR numbers as an
alternative to just a gnats query expression. (Originally
submitted on 2003-10-10.)
2005-11-07 Oli Möller
* gnats/gnats.el (gnats-get-addr-info, query-pr, send-pr,
edit-pr, view-pr): Patch #1 - Killed Buffers. Sometimes
kill-buffer was invoked with nil argument, killing the current
(gnats-server-response-ok): Patch #2: Response code 300..351
considered "ok".
(gnats-validate-field, gnats-server-resp-to-string,
gnats-submit-pr): Patch #3: Edit and submit. Switch to view
mode after edit and correctly display server response after
submit. It occurred that the user was unsure about the status
of a submission and unintentionally submitted it again and
(gnats-get-mail-alias) Patch #4: Missing user name in audit
trail. Audit trail entries of actions performed via the Emacs
interface were missing the user name. Something is wrong with
the code in `gnats-get-mail-alias'. This patch is only a
work-around and ALWAYS uses the username from the server. The
real solution would be to find out why (gnats-send-command
"ADMV" "builtinfield:responsible") returns an empty string.
(gnats-view-mode-map) Patch #5: Additional keys for view-mode
(gnats-change-database) Patch #6: Fix for PR#508.
2005-11-07 Alex Manoussakis <amm2@andrew.cmu.edu>
* The following changes closes PR#504: "gnatsd crashes when
trying to lock a nonexistent PR".
* gnats/ds-file/index.c, gnats/ds-file/index.h:
(getCategoryFromIndex, findPrCategoryBinary, findPrCategory)
Removed. Useless nowdays.
* gnats/pr.c (get_pr_path): does nothing when a PR is not found in the
index, instead of calling getCategoryFromIndex. Also removed
the 4th argument from get_pr_path since it's now unneeded.
get_pr_path will return NULL and the error is handed correctly
later on. (the user gets the message: "No PR 2 listed in the
2005-10-30 Chad C. Walstrom <chewie@wookimus.net>
* gnats/Makefile.in, gnats/aclocal.m4, gnats/configure,
gnats/configure.in, gnas/getdate.c, gnats/ds-file/Makefile.in
* gnats/autoconf.h.in: Updated via autoheader.
* gnats/getdate.y: Fixed three typos, missing semicolons. Builds
cleanly with GNU Bison 1.35.
* gnats/getdate.y: Fixed three typos, missing semicolons.
* gnats/gnats-databases.in, gnats/dbconfig.in: Replaced 'xVARIABLEx'
delimiters with '@VARIABLE@'.
* gnats/mk_auth.c: Enclosed entire file in #ifdef HAVE_KERBEROS.
Should use a more sophisticated conditional expression to determine if
it will be compiled or not.
* gnats/gnats-pwconv.c: Renamed const VERSION to PROGRAM_VERSION
* gnats/autoconf.h.in: Apparently, this should be included.
autoheader generates the file as gnats/autoconf.h.in~ and expects you to
move it into place for use.
* gnats/Makefile.am, gnats/ds-file/Makefile.am:
New automake configuration files.
2005-10-20 Chad Walstrom <chewie@wookimus.net>
* getdate.y, getdate.c: Three typos fixed in getdate.y,
missing semicolons. Regenerated getdate.c with GNU Bison
2005-08-19 Malcolm Purvis <malcolmp@aurema.com>
* misc.c: implement unsetenv(). Allows builds on Solaris 2.x
machines. Closes: PR#495.
2005-07-15 Chad Walstrom <chewie@wookimus.net>
* Makefile.in (install-gnats-tools, install-gnats-bin): Removed chown
and chmod entries for setting binaries suid. CAN-2005-2180 advisory.
gen-index as setuid root can overwrite any system file.
2005-02-19 Mel Hatzis <hatzis@wattes.org>
* configure.in: Added the beginnings for supporting multiple
backend datastores. A lot of the funtionality dealing directly
with the flat-file datastore has been moved into it's own
library (libds-file.a) which is pulled in unconditionally for now
- since there are no alternative backend datastores to configure.
* Makefile.in: Moved most of logic dealing with the flat-file
backend into a ds-file sub-directory for which we generate a
libds-file.a library. Modified all binary targets to link
against this library - the name of the datastore library to link
with is actually supplied by configure. Note that the index
file is now part of the flat-file datastore library; GNATS_LIBS
now includes a $(DS_LIB) macro defined by configure; a ds-libs
target has been added for building the datastore library; fconfig.y
is now generated (see the note about fconfig.y below).
* ds.mk: New file. Used to generate the Makefile in all datastore
implementations. Contains all the common elements of a datastore
* aclocal.m4: Regenerated.
* autoconf.h.in: Regenerated.
* configure: Regenerated.
* cmds.c (do_server_query, GNATS_lock, GNATS_unlk, GNATS_edit):
Function renames for the datastore API - iterate_prs, prExists and
readPRWithNum renamed to db_query, pr_exists and pr_load_by_id
respectively. The renames are to conform to a standard naming
convention used by the datastore API to assist with datastore
(GNATS_rset): Removed references to the index, which is now only
relevant when GNATS if configured with the flat-file datastore.
This change involves a modification to the message accompanying
the return code when the index is reloaded - since the index is
no longer always relevant, it makes no sense for the GNATS server
to refer to it in the client/server protocol.
* database.c (struct databaseInfo, newDatabaseInfo): Replaced
indexDesc with a void ds_private pointer which is intended to cache
any datastore specific information (such as the indexDesc). The
indexDesc is now defined and exclusively used in the flat-file
datastore library and is pulled in via ds_private when needed.
(getIndexDesc, setIndexDesc, clearIndexDesc): Moved to index.c in
the flat-file datastore library since this is no longer generically
(getDatastorePrivate, setDatastorePrivate): New functions. Used for
managing the datastore specific database elements such as the index
in the flat-file datastore implementation.
(loadDatabase): Replaced all flat-file datastore specific
functionality with a new "db_init" function which is part of the new
GNATS datastore API.
(freeDatabaseInfo): Replaced all references to functions which free
the index with a call to a new "db_destroy" function which is part of
the new GNATS datastore API.
* database.h (setIndexDesc, setDatastorePrivate): Replaced
setIndexDesc with setDatastorePrivate - setIndexDesc now declared
in ds-file/index.h. Any datastore specific configuration elements
defined in the dbconfig (via ds-file/t-fconfig) are cached in the
DatabaseInfo struct via setDatastorePrivate.
(getIndexDesc, getDatastorePrivate): Replaced getIndexDesc with
getDatastorePrivate - getIndexDesc now declared in ds-file/index.h.
* edit.c (processPRChanges): No need to check if the PR has been
completely read into memory...all callers of this function do so.
Furthermore, the idea of reading a PR partially is not desirable
for a generalized backend datastore.
(rewrite_pr): Moved all the logic associated with reading/writing
to a PR file and dealing with the index into a new 'pr_update'
function in ds-file/pr.c.
(replace_pr): Renamed prExists to pr_exists, readPRWithNum to
pr_load_by_id and fillInPR with pr_load. These functions are
all part of the datastore API and have been renamed for clarity.
* ds-file/t-fconfig, fconfig.y, fconfig.y.in: fconfig.y renamed to
fconfig.y.in which no longer contains any datastore specific
grammar. The datastore specific items are now pulled in from
a t-fconfig file located in the ds-file directory. The fconfig.y
file is generated by concatenating fconfig.y.in with t-fconfig.
To accomodate this, fconfig.y.in now contains a dsDescription
section which all datastore's must define.
* file-pr.c (createNewPRFile): Renamed to createNewPR since we'll
eventually be using alternatives to files for the backend. Also,
moved all the logic associated with reading/writing to a PR file
dealing with the index into a new 'pr_create' function in
(run_atpr): Pass in an int for the PR number since we
no longer refer to a string representation of it in createNewPR.
(checkIfReply, append_report): Function renames for datastore API.
(getBugNumber): Moved to ds-file/pr.c - only relevant to flat-file
(submit_pr): Function rename for multiple backend datastore support.
* gnats.h: No longer pull in index.h...this is only used for the
flat-file datastore.
* index.c, index.h, ds-file/index.c, ds-file/index.h: Moved the
index.[ch] files into the new ds-file sub-directory which implements
the flat-file backend datastore. The index is now only applicable
if GNATS is configured with the flat-file backend datastore. All
references to the index in the DatabaseInfo and PR data structures
have been replaced with an opaque 'ds_private' field, which is used
to cache all datastore specific data. The getIndexDesc/setIndexDesc
function definitions were moved out of database.c into index.c since
these functions are specific to the flat-file datastore.
* pr.c (allocPR): Replaced allocIndex with a call to the new pr_init
function in the datastore API. The flat-file datastore implementation
of pr_init is where allocIndex is now called. Also handle the case
where there are no fields in the dbconfig without corrupting memory.
(get_pr, get_pr_from_index, get_pr_path, pr_file_readable): These
functions have been relocated to ds-file/pr.c since they are
specific to the flat-file datastore.
(fillInPR): Renamed to pr_load and moved to ds-file/pr.c since the
implementation of this function is datastore specific.
(field_value): Replaced the call to indexValue which retrieves the
field value from the flat-file index with a datastore API function
call named field_cache_value. This allows for datastore
implementations to utilize a cache (such as the flat-file index),
for keeping some field values in memory.
(free_pr): Replaced calls related to freeing the index with a new
datastore API function named pr_destroy. The flat-file datastore
implementation of pr_destroy is where the index is now free'd.
(prExists): Renamed to pr_exists and moved to ds-file/pr.c since
the implementation of this function is datastore specific.
(readPRWithNum): Renamed to pr_load_by_id and moved to ds-file/pr.c
since the implementation of this function is datastore specific.
(pr_delete): Moved to ds-file/pr.c since the implementation of this
function is datastore specific.
* pr.h (PR_struct): Replaced the index pointer with an opaque
pointer to a struct containing datastore specific data. The index
is now defined within this opaque datastore data structure only when
GNATS is linked with the flat-file datastore library.
(fillInPR): Renamed to pr_load and moved to ds.h.
* query.h (index.h): Removed index.h since the index is no longer a
generic part of the GNATS datastore; index.h is now only pulled in
when GNATS is configured with the flat-file backend.
(*QueryItem, SearchItem, *QueryTree, struct queryExpr): Imported
from query.c since these is required by the datastore library.
(*QueryFunc): Moved to ds.h since this is an integral part of the
datastore query functionality from which it is referenced.
(iterate_prs): Renamed to db_query and moved to ds.h since this is
now a part of the GNATS backend datastore API. The function was
renamed to conform to a standard naming convention used by the
datastore API to assist with datastore implementation.
* query.c (*QueryItem, SearchItem, *QueryTree, struct queryExpr):
Moved to query.h since these are now referenced from the datastore
(fieldCompare, process_format): The index is now only relevant when
GNATS is configured with the flat-file backend. The check for
whether a PR is only partially in memory or whether we're only
referencing an indexed field is no longer relevant in all cases.
The datastore is now responsible for implementing a partial PR
cache (such as the index).
(pr_matches_tree): No longer a static - referenced by the datastore
(iterate_prs): Renamed to db_query and moved into the datastore
library - this is a member of the datastore API.
* ds.h: New File. Contains function declarations for all functions
implementing the GNATS datastore API. All datastore implementations
are required to define these functions.
* ds-file/Makefile.in, ds-file/ds-file.h, ds-file/db.c,
ds-file/pr.c, ds-file/fld.c: New files. Collectively implement the
GNATS flat-file datastore.
* gen-index.c: We will eventually only build this as part of the
flat-file datastore. For now, pull in the index include file from
the ds-file directory.
* getclose.c (do_prlist): Reworked so as not to use the flat-file
index. Use a query to get the relevant PRs for processing.
* pr-age.c (main): Function rename for multiple backend datastore.
* pr-edit.c (main): Function renames for multiple backend datastore.
* query-pr.c (main): Function renames for multiple backend datastore.
2005-02-19 Mel Hatzis <hatzis@wattes.org> 2005-02-19 Mel Hatzis <hatzis@wattes.org>
* adm.c (copy_adm_entry): Handle blank metadata fields by correctly * adm.c (copy_adm_entry): Handle blank metadata fields by correctly
assigning the relevant field in the adm struct to NULL - and thereby assigning the relevant field in the adm struct to NULL - and thereby
avoid an attempt to xstrdup a NULL value. avoid an attempt to xstrdup a NULL value.
* file-pr.c (createNewPRFile): Avoid a NULL pointer dereference when * file-pr.c (createNewPRFile): Avoid a NULL pointer dereference when
there's a blank response time field in the submitters file. there's a blank response time field in the submitters file.
* gnatsd.c (findUserAccessLevel): Avoid a strlen of NULL when the * gnatsd.c (findUserAccessLevel): Avoid a strlen of NULL when the
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