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Source code changes of the file "xlators/storage/posix/src/posix-helpers.c" between
glusterfs-8.4.tar.gz and glusterfs-8.5.tar.gz

About: GlusterFS is a network/cluster filesystem. The storage server (or each in a cluster) runs glusterfsd and the clients use mount command or glusterfs client to mount the exported filesystem. Release series 8.x.

posix-helpers.c  (glusterfs-8.4):posix-helpers.c  (glusterfs-8.5)
skipping to change at line 3665 skipping to change at line 3665
out: out:
dict_del_sizen(xdata, xattr_name); dict_del_sizen(xdata, xattr_name);
dict_del_sizen(xdata, GF_PREOP_PARENT_KEY); dict_del_sizen(xdata, GF_PREOP_PARENT_KEY);
if (op_ret == -1) { if (op_ret == -1) {
is_stale = _gf_true; is_stale = _gf_true;
} }
return is_stale; return is_stale;
} }
/* Delete user xattr from the file at the file-path specified by data and from
* dict */
posix_delete_user_xattr(dict_t *dict, char *k, data_t *v, void *data)
int ret;
char *real_path = data;
ret = sys_lremovexattr(real_path, k);
if (ret) {
gf_msg("posix-helpers", GF_LOG_ERROR, P_MSG_XATTR_NOT_REMOVED, errno,
"removexattr failed. key %s path %s", k, real_path);
dict_del(dict, k);
return ret;
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