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Source code changes of the file "lib/jqueryplugins/jquery-ui-timepicker-addon/i18n/jquery-ui-timepicker-fi.js" between
glpi-9.3.3.tgz and glpi-9.4.0.tgz

About: GLPI is an IT and asset management software (Information Resource Manager).

jquery-ui-timepicker-fi.js  (glpi-9.3.3.tgz):jquery-ui-timepicker-fi.js  (glpi-9.4.0.tgz)
skipping to change at line 16 skipping to change at line 16
timeText: 'Aika', timeText: 'Aika',
hourText: 'Tunti', hourText: 'Tunti',
minuteText: 'Minuutti', minuteText: 'Minuutti',
secondText: 'Sekunti', secondText: 'Sekunti',
millisecText: 'Millisekunnin', millisecText: 'Millisekunnin',
microsecText: 'Mikrosekuntia', microsecText: 'Mikrosekuntia',
timezoneText: 'Aikavyöhyke', timezoneText: 'Aikavyöhyke',
currentText: 'Nyt', currentText: 'Nyt',
closeText: 'Sulje', closeText: 'Sulje',
timeFormat: 'HH:mm', timeFormat: 'HH:mm',
timeSuffix: '',
amNames: ['ap.', 'AM', 'A'], amNames: ['ap.', 'AM', 'A'],
pmNames: ['ip.', 'PM', 'P'], pmNames: ['ip.', 'PM', 'P'],
isRTL: false isRTL: false
}; };
$.timepicker.setDefaults($.timepicker.regional['fi']); $.timepicker.setDefaults($.timepicker.regional['fi']);
})(jQuery); })(jQuery);
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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