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About: OpenStack Glance (Core Service: Image Service) stores and retrieves virtual machine disk images. OpenStack Compute makes use of this during instance provisioning.
The "Ussuri" series (latest release).

ChangeLog  (glance-20.0.0):ChangeLog  (glance-20.0.1)
======= =======
* Fix active image when all uploads fail
* Fix active image without data
* Add "stores" to disallowed properties
* Releasenotes for Ussuri point release
* Fix formatting error in release note
* Fix broken glance-cache-manage utility
* Fix admin docs deploying under HTTPD
* Improve lazy loading mechanism for multiple stores
* Don't include plugins on 'copy-image' import
* Fix: Interrupted copy-image leaking data on subsequent operation
* Check authorization before import for image
* Use grenade-multinode instead of the custom legacy job
* Exclude http store if --all-stores specified for import/copy operation
* Switch to new grenade job name
20.0.0 20.0.0
------ ------
* Deprecate the 'checksum' image property * Deprecate the 'checksum' image property
* Imported Translations from Zanata * Imported Translations from Zanata
* Update TOX\_CONSTRAINTS\_FILE for stable/ussuri * Update TOX\_CONSTRAINTS\_FILE for stable/ussuri
* Update .gitreview for stable/ussuri * Update .gitreview for stable/ussuri
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