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Source code changes of the file "Kernel/ExtendedGroup.h" between
getdp-3.4.0-source.tgz and getdp-3.5.0-source.tgz

About: GetDP is a general finite element solver using mixed elements to discretize de Rham-type complexes in one, two and three dimensions.

ExtendedGroup.h  (getdp-3.4.0-source.tgz):ExtendedGroup.h  (getdp-3.5.0-source.tgz)
// GetDP - Copyright (C) 1997-2021 P. Dular and C. Geuzaine, University of Liege // GetDP - Copyright (C) 1997-2022 P. Dular and C. Geuzaine, University of Liege
// //
// See the LICENSE.txt file for license information. Please report all // See the LICENSE.txt file for license information. Please report all
// issues on https://gitlab.onelab.info/getdp/getdp/issues. // issues on https://gitlab.onelab.info/getdp/getdp/issues.
#include "ProData.h" #include "ProData.h"
#include "ListUtils.h" #include "ListUtils.h"
int Check_IsEntityInExtendedGroup(struct Group * Group_P, int Entity, int Flag) int Check_IsEntityInExtendedGroup(struct Group *Group_P, int Entity, int Flag);
; void Generate_ExtendedGroup(struct Group *Group_P);
void Generate_ExtendedGroup(struct Group * Group_P) ; void Generate_ElementaryEntities(List_T *InitialList, List_T **ExtendedList,
void Generate_ElementaryEntities(List_T * InitialList, List_T ** ExtendedList, int Type_Entity);
int Type_Entity) ; void Generate_GroupsOfNodes(List_T *InitialList, List_T **ExtendedList);
void Generate_GroupsOfNodes(List_T * InitialList, List_T ** ExtendedList) ; void Generate_GroupsOfEdges(List_T *InitialList, int Type_SuppList,
void Generate_GroupsOfEdges(List_T * InitialList, int Type_SuppList, List_T *InitialSuppList, List_T **ExtendedList);
List_T * InitialSuppList, List_T ** ExtendedList) ; void Generate_GroupsOfFacets(List_T *InitialList, List_T **ExtendedList);
void Generate_GroupsOfFacets(List_T * InitialList, List_T ** ExtendedList) ;
void Generate_EdgesConnectedToNodesOf(List_T *InitialList, List_T *NodeList, void Generate_EdgesConnectedToNodesOf(List_T *InitialList, List_T *NodeList,
List_T ** ExtendedList) ; List_T **ExtendedList);
void Generate_Elements(List_T * InitialList, void Generate_Elements(List_T *InitialList, int Type_SuppList,
int Type_SuppList, List_T * InitialSuppList, List_T *InitialSuppList, int Type_SuppList2,
int Type_SuppList2, List_T * InitialSuppList2, List_T *InitialSuppList2, List_T **ExtendedList);
List_T ** ExtendedList) ;
#endif #endif
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15 lines changed or deleted 13 lines changed or added

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