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Source code changes of the file "target/VERSION.txt" between
geotools-24.0-project.zip and geotools-24.1-project.zip

About: GeoTools (The Open Source Java GIS Toolkit) is a Java code library which provides standards compliant methods for the manipulation of geospatial data.

VERSION.txt  (geotools-24.0-project):VERSION.txt  (geotools-24.1-project)
version: 24.0 version: 24.1
git revision: 57f4156a7097d7ab289dd55dd147d3ef4723033e git revision: f8ea99b31769d6054e96eb851ac0bd3d85dd57d3
build date: 18-Sep-2020 10:29 build date: 18-Nov-2020 08:11
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