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About: GNU awk - pattern scanning and processing language.

ChangeLog  (gawk-5.0.1.tar.xz):ChangeLog  (gawk-5.1.0.tar.xz)
2020-04-14 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* 5.1.0: Release tar ball made.
2020-03-12 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* dfa.c: Move local includes after system includes.
Fixes z/OS build and is better practice anyway.
2020-03-06 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* Makefile.am (libsupport_a_SOURCES): Add flexmember.h.
2020-03-06 Jannick <thirdedition@gmx.net>
* Makefile.am: Replace AM_MAKEFLAGS with AM_CFLAGS and AM_LDFLAGS.
2020-02-01 John E. Malmberg <wb8tyw@qsl.net>
* dfa.c: Remove OpenVMS specific code. OpenVMS build
will generate a stdint.h if needed.
2020-02-01 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* dfa.c: Update from GNULIB. Should help Vax/VMS.
* flexmember.h: New file, for dfa.c.
2020-01-28 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* regex_internal.h: Update from GNULIB. Hopefully fixes
non-GCC issues.
2020-01-24 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* dfa.h, dfa.c: Update copyright years.
* regex.c, regex_internal.h: Update from GNULIB.
2019-12-20 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* dfa.h, dfa.c: Updated from GNULIB.
2019-12-16 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* localeinfo.h, localeinfo.c: Updated from GNULIB.
* dfa.c: Partial sync with GNULIB for localeinfo related stuff.
2019-12-13 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* dfa.h, dfa.c: Updated from GNULIB.
2019-11-21 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* regexec.c: Updated from GNULIB.
2019-10-19 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* regcomp.c, regex_internal.c, regex_internal.h,
regexec.c: Updated from GNULIB.
2019-08-21 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* intprops.h, verify.h: Sync from GNULIB.
2019-06-18 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com> 2019-06-18 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* 5.0.1: Release tar ball made. * 5.0.1: Release tar ball made.
2019-05-22 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com> 2019-05-22 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* cdefs.h, dfa.h, dfa.c, verify.h: Sync from GNULIB. * cdefs.h, dfa.h, dfa.c, verify.h: Sync from GNULIB.
2019-04-23 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com> 2019-04-23 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
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