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About: GNU awk - pattern scanning and processing language.

ChangeLog  (gawk-5.0.1.tar.xz):ChangeLog  (gawk-5.1.0.tar.xz)
2020-04-14 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* 5.1.0: Release tar ball made.
2020-04-10 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* field.c (save_FPAT): New global variable.
(get_field): Check if using FPAT or not in order to pass in
the right variables to parse_field function. Fixes bug in
delayed field parsing when using FPAT. Thanks to
luciole75w <luciole75w@gmail.com> for the bug report.
(set_FPAT): Use global save_FPAT instead of local save_fpat.
* awkgram.c, command.c: Rebuild with Bison 3.5.4.
* NEWS: Updated.
* awk.h (do_lint_extensions): Define to zero if NO_LINT.
2020-04-02 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* field.c (re_parse_field): If default parsing and trailing
whitespace, don't set a null field at the end. Thanks to
Ed Morton <mortoneccc@comcast.net> for the report.
2020-03-18 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* TODO: Add more stuff.
2020-03-15 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* Makefile.am (zos-diffout): New target.
* awkgram.y, command.y: Upgrade to Bison 3.5.3.
* NEWS: Updated.
2020-03-11 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* main.c: Further message update. Thanks again to
Roland Illig <roland.illig@gmx.de>.
2020-03-09 Andrew J. Schorr <aschorr@telemetry-investments.com>
* array.c (sort_up_value_string): If either arg is not a Node_val,
call out to sort_up_value_type instead. If cmp_strings returns zero,
fall back to sort_up_index_string as a tie-breaker.
(sort_up_value_number): If either arg is not a Node_val, call out to
sort_up_value_type instead. If cmp_strings returns zero, fall back
to sort_up_index_string as a tie-breaker.
(do_sort_up_value_type): Renamed from sort_up_value_type with one
change: if both arguments have type Node_var, we compare the
var_value NODEs instead.
(sort_up_value_type): New wrapper function around do_sort_up_value_type
to fall back to sort_up_index_string as a tie-breaker.
2020-03-09 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* array.c, awk.h, awkgram.y, builtin.c, command.y, debug.c,
ext.c, int_array.c, io.c, main.c, symbol.c: Messages refined
based on suggestions from Roland Illig <roland.illig@gmx.de>.
2020-03-06 Jannick <thirdedition@gmx.net>
* Makefile.am: Replace AM_MAKEFLAGS with AM_CFLAGS and AM_LDFLAGS.
Put pc/Makefile.tst into BUILT_SOURCES, instead of in dist-hook.
Add $(srcdir) to rules for the yacc files. Use AM_LDFLAGS in
the efence rule.
* configure.ac: Use GAWK_CANONICAL_HOST instead of AC_CANONICAL_HOST;
this supplies MSYS2 support. Remove use of EXEEXT.
2020-03-04 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* NEWS: Updated.
2020-02-13 John E. Malmberg <wb8tyw@qsl.net>
* custom.h: OpenVMS needs _REGEX_INCLUDE_LIMITS_H defined.
2020-02-09 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* awkgram.y: Add lint check for assignment in condition to
if and for statements. Thanks to Jannick <thirdedition@gmx.net>
for the suggestion.
* debug.c (do_eval): Remove @eval from the symbol table if there
was a syntax error in the statement being evaluated. Thanks again
to Jannick, for the report.
2020-02-04 John E. Malmberg <wb8tyw@qsl.net>
* custom.h: Fix OpenVMS SIZE_MAX value.
2020-02-01 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* awk.h, dfa.c: Move include of mbsupport.h to ...
* custom.h: ... here.
* configure.ac: Add check for isblank.
2020-01-27 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* custom.h: Fix non-VMS compilation.
2020-01-26 John E. Malmberg <wb8tyw@qsl.net>
* custom.h: Additional OpenVMS typedefs needed.
* getext.h: Fix macro for implementations without gettext
to not force the result to be a const char *.
2020-01-26 Andrew J. Schorr <aschorr@telemetry-investments.com>
* array.c (sort_up_value_type): Small efficiency tweak. Only
run through the list of other types if both values are not scalars.
2020-01-24 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* array.c, profile.c, cint_array.c, builtin.c, interpret.h,
main.c: Update copyright years.
2020-01-23 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* array.c (sort_up_value_type): Handle other types of nodes,
in case someone applies PROCINFO["sorted_in"] to SYMTAB or
FUNCTAB. This threw an assertion error if assertions were
enabled. Thanks to John Namam <Gawer@703n.com> for the report.
(asort_actual): Disallow SYMTAB and FUNCTAB as first arguments.
* TODO: Note that we should should eventually allow SYMTAB/FUNCTAB
passed to asort/asaorti if a destination array is provided. (The
current code breaks right now.)
2020-01-19 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* profile.c (pp_top): New macro.
(pprint): Be smarter for print[f] with redirection that was
parenthesized, to not print `printf(("hello\n")) > "..."'.
* compile, config.guess, config.rpath, config.sub, depcomp: Updated
from GNULIB.
2020-01-14 Andrew J. Schorr <aschorr@telemetry-investments.com>
* cint_array.c (cint_array_init): Fix off-by-one error in array
bounds overflow check for an NHAT value set in the environment.
Thanks to Michael Builov <mbuilov@gmail.com> for the report.
2020-01-08 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
Fix a number of subtle memory leaks. Thanks to the
combination of MEMDEBUG and valgrind for finding them.
* builtin.c (do_print): Unref tmp if force_string_ofmt
returned something different.
(call_sub, call_match, call_split_func): Free any
created regexp.
* debug.c (do_eval): Free the node holding the @eval function
when done with it.
* field.c (init_fields): Create fields_arr[0] and Nnull_field
in a rational fashion.
* interpret.h (Op_assign_concat): Handle newly created node
* interpret.h (Op_subscript): When retrieving from SYMTAB, check
for Node_var_new; variables can exist but have not been assigned
a value. Thanks to Denis Shirokov <cosmogen@gmail.com> for the report.
* builtin.c (do_typeof): Handle Node_array_ref also. Thanks to
Denis Shirokov <cosmogen@gmail.com> for the report.
2019-12-22 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* config.guess: Updated from GNULIB.
2019-12-22 Jannick <thirdedition@gmx.net>
* configure.ac: Hardcode the shared object extension to dll
on Windows platforms, i.e.whenever EXEEXT is '.exe'.
2019-12-22 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* gettext.h: Update from gettext 0.20.1.
* NEWS: Updated.
2019-12-18 Paul Eggert <eggert@Penguin.CS.UCLA.EDU>
Fix memcpy issue found by -fsanitize=undefined
* field.c (set_record): Don't memcpy (databuf, NULL, 0),
as the C standard says the resulting behavior is undefined.
2019-12-16 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* awkgram.y, command.y: Upgrade to Bison 3.5.
* NEWS: Updated.
2019-11-21 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* config.rpath: Update from GNULIB.
2019-11-10 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* compile, config.rpath: Update from GNULIB. Adds msys support.
2019-11-03 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* field.c (get_field): Remove special case code for fpat_parse_field.
Fixes a bug reported by Ed Morton <mortoneccc@comcast.net>.
2019-10-19 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* compile, depcomp: Update from GNULIB.
2019-10-13 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
Fix handling of assigning @/.../ to FS and RS. Thanks
to Stephane Chazelas <stephane.chazelas@gmail.com>
for the report.
* field.c (set_FS): Check for REGEX in the flags.
* io.c (set_RS): Ditto.
2019-10-04 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* config.guess, config.sub, install-sh: Updated from GNULIB.
2019-09-30 John E. Malmberg <wb8tyw@qsl.net>
* custom.h: OpenVMS does not provide ULLONG_MAX
2019-09-20 Florian Weimer <fweimer@redhat.com>
* configure.ac (PRINTF_HAS_F_FORMAT): Include <string.h> for
* configure: Regenerate.
2019-09-17 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* awkgram.y, commands.y: Upgrade to Bison 3.4.2.
* NEWS: Updated.
2019-09-10 Andrew J. Schorr <aschorr@telemetry-investments.com>
* awk.h (block_header): Remove cnt field and replace it with
highwater. If MEMDEBUG is defined, add active counter.
* node.c (r_getblock): The cnt field was replaced by active. Update
highwater as appropriate.
(r_freeblock): Decrement the active counter (renamed from cnt).
(more_blocks): Bump the highwater counter (renamed from cnt).
* builtin.c (do_typeof): When providing PROCINFO debug memory stats,
replace count_<blah> with <blah>_active and <blah>_highwater. When
MEMDEBUG is not set, we calculate the active value by subtracting the
number of elements in the free list from the highwater value.
2019-09-01 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* profile.c (pp_list, pp_concat): Fix use-after-free errors
in both routines. Thanks to valgrind and Andy's MEMDEBUG code.
2019-09-01 Andrew J. Schorr <aschorr@telemetry-investments.com>
* awk.h (block_header): Add cnt field even when MEMDEBUG is not
defined, and add a name field.
* node.c (nextfree): Initialize new name field.
(more_blocks): Bump nextfree[id].cnt by BLOCKCHUNK.
* builtin.c (do_typeof): When the 1st argument is PROCINFO and the
2nd arg is provided, return new "count_<blah>" fields containing
the memory allocation accounts of the various block types.
2019-08-30 Andrew J. Schorr <aschorr@telemetry-investments.com>
* configure.ac (.developing): Add -DMEMDEBUG to CFLAGS.
* awk.h (block_header): If MEMDEBUG is defined, add cnt field
to track the number of allocations.
(getblock, freeblock): When MEMDEBUG is defined, replace these
macros with calls to new functions r_getblock and r_freeblock.
* node.c (r_getblock, r_freeblock): New functions that simply
use malloc and free when MEMDEBUG is defined.
2019-08-30 Andrew J. Schorr <aschorr@telemetry-investments.com>
* interpret.h (r_interpret): For Op_match_rec, unref if a
dynamic regexp. Fixes another memory issue. See the thread starting
at https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-gawk/2019-08/msg00023.html.
2019-08-29 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
Restore a modified version of the change of
2016-05-03, which used realloc to shrink the buffer.
* builtin.c (format_tree): Reduce INITIAL_OUT_SIZE to 64.
At the end, call realloc only if there is more
than (2 * INITIAL_OUT_SIZE) bytes to give back.
2019-08-23 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* main.c (main): Fix whitespace issues.
* re.c (re_update): Small code cleanup in handling t->re_cnt.
Thanks to Andrew Schorr.
2019-08-21 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* config.guess: Updated from GNULIB.
2019-08-15 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
Revert a6df7afc605079df7d85318846a522ef64aaa44d, change of
2016-05-03, which used realloc to shrink the buffer, in an
attempt to save memory. In actuality, it could cause increased
memory usage, even though there was no memory leak. See
and the rest of thread for more detail.
* builtin.c (format_tree): Don't use realloc, just call
make_str_node with the original buffer. Remove `olen_final'
variable and its use.
2019-08-15 Andrew J. Schorr <aschorr@telemetry-investments.com>
Reduce memory usage by only compiling the IGNORECASE version of
regexp when it's actually needed.
* awkgram.y (make_regnode): Only compile the regular version.
* re.c (re_cache_get): New function.
(re_update): Use it as appropriate.
2019-07-23 Koichi Murase <myoga.murase@gmail.com>
* builtin.c (do_xor): Remove unneeded local variable `i'. Simplify
the loop's computation.
(do_and): Improve the initial value for the result.
2019-07-23 Andrew J. Schorr <aschorr@telemetry-investments.com>
Fix reporting of negative arguments for and(), or() and xor().
Thanks to Koichi Murase <myoga.murase@gmail.com> for the
* builtin.c (do_and): Use nargs instead of i in the loop to
check for non-numeric and negative arguments.
(do_or): Ditto.
(do_xor): Ditto.
2019-07-23 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* Checklist: Updated.
2019-07-21 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* command.y, custom.h, eval.c, ext.c, field.c, io.c,
msg.c, node.c, nonposix.h, re.c: Update copyright year.
* NEWS: Updated.
* README: Updated.
2019-07-16 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* TODO: Updated.
* awkgram.y [GRAMMAR]: Change some lint warnings to use lintwarn.
(yylex): Ditto.
* field.c (choose_fs_function): Ditto.
* main.c (main): Ditto.
* node.c (parse_escape): Ditto.
2019-07-09 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* gawkapi.h: Update copyright year, fix some spelling errors.
2019-07-08 Andrew J. Schorr <aschorr@telemetry-investments.com>
2019-07-08 Andrew J. Schorr <aschorr@telemetry-investments.com>
* gawkapi.h (gawk_api_major_version): Bump from 2 to 3 because the
namespace changes altered the function signatures in gawk_api_t.
And add a comment at the top of the structure with a reminder that
the version number should be bumped whenever the struct is altered
in any way.
2019-06-30 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* interpret.h (r_interpret): Fix two more cases of warning
about gawk extensions.
* awkgram.y [GRAMMAR]: And two more cases here. Thanks to
Mark Krauze <daburashka@ya.ru> for making me look for them.
* config.sub: Updated from GNULIB.
2019-06-26 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* symbol.c (install): Strip off any leading `awk::' before
installing a symbol. Thanks to Andrew Schorr for the
2019-06-21 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* config.guess, config.sub: Updated from GNULIB.
* awkgram.y (get_src_buf): Set buffers to zero to avoid
possible issues with accessing uninitialized memory.
Thanks to valgrind, as pointed out by Nadezhda Vyukova
* NEWS, README.git: Fix some typos.
2019-06-19 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* re.c (make_regexp): If do_posix, have {} in ok_to_escape.
Thanks to Ed Morton <mortoneccc@comcast.net> for the report.
2019-06-18 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com> 2019-06-18 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* 5.0.1: Release tar ball made. * 5.0.1: Release tar ball made.
2019-06-06 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com> 2019-06-06 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* main.c (usage): Update comment for translators. * main.c (usage): Update comment for translators.
2019-06-02 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com> 2019-06-02 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
skipping to change at line 86 skipping to change at line 496
2019-04-18 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com> 2019-04-18 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* msg.c (msg): Add an undocumented feature. "Use the Source, Luke." * msg.c (msg): Add an undocumented feature. "Use the Source, Luke."
* Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Add ChangeLog.1 to the list. Ooops. * Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Add ChangeLog.1 to the list. Ooops.
* CheckList: Updated. * CheckList: Updated.
Fix core dump reported by Steve Kemp <steve@steve.org.uk>: Fix core dump reported by Steve Kemp <steve@steve.org.uk>:
* awk.h (errcount): Declare. * awk.h (errcount): Declare.
* awkgram.y (errcount): No longer static. * awkgram.y (errcount): No longer static.
* command.y (dbg_errcount): Renamed from errcount.j * command.y (dbg_errcount): Renamed from errcount.
* main.c (catchsig, catchsegv): If errcount > 0, just exit, * main.c (catchsig, catchsegv): If errcount > 0, just exit,
don't abort. don't abort.
2019-04-12 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com> 2019-04-12 Arnold D. Robbins <arnold@skeeve.com>
* configure.ac: Update version to 5.0.0. * configure.ac: Update version to 5.0.0.
* configure: Regenerated. * configure: Regenerated.
* ChangeLog.1: Rotated ChangeLog into this file. * ChangeLog.1: Rotated ChangeLog into this file.
* ChangeLog: Created anew for gawk 5.0.0 and on. * ChangeLog: Created anew for gawk 5.0.0 and on.
* README: Bump version to 5.0.0. * README: Bump version to 5.0.0.
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