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Source code changes of the file "distrib/i386/ramdisks/ramdisk-g4u/list" between
g4u-2.5.tgz and g4u-2.6.tgz

About: g4u ("ghosting for unix") is a NetBSD-based bootfloppy/CD-ROM that allows easy cloning of PC harddisks to deploy a common setup on a number of PCs using FTP.

list  (g4u-2.5.tgz):list  (g4u-2.6.tgz)
# $NetBSD: list,v 1.7 2002/04/09 00:31:40 lukem Exp $ # $NetBSD: list,v 1.7 2002/04/09 00:31:40 lukem Exp $
# #
PROG bin/cat PROG bin/cat
PROG bin/chmod PROG bin/chmod
PROG bin/date PROG bin/date
PROG bin/dd PROG bin/dd
PROG bin/hostname
PROG bin/pwd PROG bin/pwd
PROG bin/rm PROG bin/rm
PROG bin/sh PROG bin/sh
PROG bin/stty PROG bin/stty
PROG bin/sync PROG bin/sync
PROG sbin/dmesg PROG sbin/dmesg
PROG sbin/disklabel PROG sbin/disklabel
PROG sbin/ifconfig PROG sbin/ifconfig
PROG sbin/init PROG sbin/init
skipping to change at line 64 skipping to change at line 65
COPY ${CURDIR}/wipedisk wipedisk 755 COPY ${CURDIR}/wipedisk wipedisk 755
COPY ${CURDIR}/ftpput ftpput 755 COPY ${CURDIR}/ftpput ftpput 755
#HF#COPY ${CURDIR}/cdrestore cdrestore 755 #HF#COPY ${CURDIR}/cdrestore cdrestore 755
#HF#LINK cdrestore dvdrestore #HF#LINK cdrestore dvdrestore
# g4u .profile: # g4u .profile:
COPY ${CURDIR}/dot.profile .profile 555 COPY ${CURDIR}/dot.profile .profile 555
CMD sed "s/@@G4UVERSION@@/${G4UVERSION}/" <${CURDIR}/usage.in >.usage CMD sed "s/@@G4UVERSION@@/${G4UVERSION}/" <${CURDIR}/usage.in >.usage
MTREE ./.profile type=file uname=root gname=wheel mode=0444 MTREE ./.profile type=file uname=root gname=wheel mode=0444
# dhcp client: # Old ISC dhcp client:
PROG sbin/dhclient #HF#PROG sbin/dhclient
SPECIAL dhclient srcdir distrib/utils/x_dhclient #HF#SPECIAL dhclient srcdir distrib/utils/x_dhclient
COPY ${NETBSDSRCDIR}/usr.sbin/dhcp/clientscript/dhclient-script sbin/dhclient #HF#COPY ${NETBSDSRCDIR}/usr.sbin/dhcp/clientscript/dhclient-script sbin/dhcl
-script 555 ient-script 555
# /dev Hack: # /dev Hack:
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5 lines changed or deleted 6 lines changed or added

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