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Source code changes of the file "freezer/openstack/admin.py" between
freezer-9.0.0.tar.gz and freezer-10.0.0.tar.gz

About: OpenStack Freezer is a tool to automate (incremental) data backup and restore process using OpenStack Swift and/or other media storage.
The "Wallaby" series (latest release).

admin.py  (freezer-9.0.0):admin.py  (freezer-10.0.0)
skipping to change at line 101 skipping to change at line 101
fullbackups = [backup for backup in backups fullbackups = [backup for backup in backups
if not backup.is_incremental] if not backup.is_incremental]
if len(fullbackups) <= keep_number: if len(fullbackups) <= keep_number:
LOG.info("The numbers of %s fullbackup is %d," LOG.info("The numbers of %s fullbackup is %d,"
"but keep-number-of-fullbackup is %d," "but keep-number-of-fullbackup is %d,"
"don't need delete old backups." "don't need delete old backups."
% (volume_id, len(fullbackups), keep_number)) % (volume_id, len(fullbackups), keep_number))
return return
for fullbackup in fullbackups[:-keep_number]: for fullbackup in fullbackups[:-keep_number]:
self.del_cinderbackup_and_dependend_incremental(fullbackup.id) self.del_cinderbackup_and_dependend_incremental(fullbackup.id)
def remove_cinderbackup_older_than(self, volume_id,
:param volume_id: id of Volume
:param remove_older_timestamp: int
gmstr_remove_older_timestamp = \
cinder_client = self.cinder_client
search_opts = {
'volume_id': volume_id,
'status': 'available'
# remove cinder backup order by created_at desc, otherwise
# we need find it incremental backup
backups = cinder_client.backups.list(search_opts=search_opts,
for backup in backups:
if backup.created_at <= gmstr_remove_older_timestamp:
LOG.info("preparing to delete backup %s", backup.id)
start_time = int(time.time())
def wait_del_backup():
timeout = 120
del_backup = cinder_client.backups.list(
search_opts={'id': backup.id})
if len(del_backup) == 0:
LOG.info("Delete backup %s complete" % backup.id)
raise loopingcall.LoopingCallDone()
if del_backup[0].status in ['error', 'error_deleting']:
raise Exception("Delete backup %s failed, "
"the status of backup is %s."
% (backup.id, del_backup[0].status))
if (del_backup[0].status == 'deleting') \
and (int(time.time()) - start_time > timeout):
LOG.error("Delete backup %s failed, In a state of "
"deleting over 120s", backup.id)
raise Exception(
"Delete backup %s failed due to timeout over 120s,"
" the status of backup is %s."
% (backup.id, del_backup[0].status))
timer = loopingcall.FixedIntervalLoopingCall(wait_del_backup)
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