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Source code changes of the file "doc/reference/a00545.map" between
freetds-1.1rc1.tar.bz2 and freetds-1.1rc2.tar.bz2

About: freetds is an open-source implementation of the TDS (Tabular DataStream) database client access protocol and related libraries used by Sybase and Microsoft. Release candidate.

a00545.map  (freetds-1.1rc1.tar.bz2):a00545.map  (freetds-1.1rc2.tar.bz2)
<map id="ODBC utility" name="ODBC utility"> <map id="Internals" name="Internals">
<area shape="rect" id="node1" href="$a00544.html" title="Functions callable by O <area shape="rect" id="node1" href="$a00538.html" title="Functions callable by d
DBC client programs. " alt="" coords="5,5,93,32"/> b&#45;lib client programs. " alt="" coords="5,5,115,32"/>
</map> </map>
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