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Source code changes of the file "packages/web/service/progress.php" between
fogproject-1.5.8.tar.gz and fogproject-1.5.9.tar.gz

About: FOG is a Linux-based network computer cloning solution for Windows, Mac OSX and various Linux distributions that ties together a few open-source tools with a PHP-based web interface. FOG doesn’t use any boot disks, or CDs; everything is done via TFTP and PXE.

progress.php  (fogproject-1.5.8):progress.php  (fogproject-1.5.9)
skipping to change at line 61 skipping to change at line 61
$Task->set('bpm', $str[0]) $Task->set('bpm', $str[0])
->set('timeElapsed', $str[1]) ->set('timeElapsed', $str[1])
->set('timeRemaining', $str[2]) ->set('timeRemaining', $str[2])
->set('dataCopied', $str[3]) ->set('dataCopied', $str[3])
->set('dataTotal', $str[4]) ->set('dataTotal', $str[4])
->set('percent', trim($str[5])) ->set('percent', trim($str[5]))
->set('pct', trim($str[5])) ->set('pct', trim($str[5]))
->save(); ->save();
} }
$str[6] = trim($str[6]); $str[6] = trim($str[6]);
if (empty($str[6])) { if (empty($str[6]) || !$Task->isCapture()) {
return; exit;
} }
if (strpos($Image->get('size'), $str[6]) !== false) { if (strpos($Image->get('size'), $str[6]) !== false) {
return; return;
} }
$Image->set( $Image->set(
'size', 'size',
sprintf( sprintf(
'%s%s:', '%s%s:',
trim($Image->get('size')), trim($Image->get('size')),
$str[6] $str[6]
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
2 lines changed or deleted 2 lines changed or added

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