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Source code changes of the file "app/flatpak-builtins-ps.c" between
flatpak-1.15.1.tar.xz and flatpak-1.15.2.tar.xz

About: Flatpak is a Linux application sandboxing and distribution framework. Pre-release.

flatpak-builtins-ps.c  (flatpak-1.15.1.tar.xz):flatpak-builtins-ps.c  (flatpak-1.15.2.tar.xz)
skipping to change at line 111 skipping to change at line 111
break; break;
if (error && if (error &&
!g_error_matches (error, G_DBUS_ERROR, G_DBUS_ERROR_NAME_HAS_NO_OWNER) && !g_error_matches (error, G_DBUS_ERROR, G_DBUS_ERROR_NAME_HAS_NO_OWNER) &&
!g_error_matches (error, G_DBUS_ERROR, G_DBUS_ERROR_UNKNOWN_METHOD)) !g_error_matches (error, G_DBUS_ERROR, G_DBUS_ERROR_UNKNOWN_METHOD))
return NULL; return NULL;
} }
if (ret) if (ret)
g_variant_get (ret, "(@a{sv})", &list); g_variant_get (ret, "(@a{sv})", &list);
else else
g_debug ("Failed to get information about running apps from background porta l backends"); g_info ("Failed to get information about running apps from background portal backends");
return list; return list;
} }
static gboolean static gboolean
enumerate_instances (Column *columns, GError **error) enumerate_instances (Column *columns, GError **error)
{ {
g_autoptr(GPtrArray) instances = NULL; g_autoptr(GPtrArray) instances = NULL;
g_autoptr(FlatpakTablePrinter) printer = NULL; g_autoptr(FlatpakTablePrinter) printer = NULL;
int i, j; int i, j;
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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