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About: Flatpak is a Linux application sandboxing and distribution framework. Pre-release.

NEWS  (flatpak-1.15.1.tar.xz):NEWS  (flatpak-1.15.2.tar.xz)
Changes in 1.15.2
Released: 2023-02-06
Bug fixes:
* Never try to export a parent of reserved directories as a --filesystem,
for example /run, which would prevent the app from starting (#5205, #5207)
* Never try to export a --filesystem below /run/flatpak or /run/host,
which could similarly prevent the app from starting
* The above change also fixes apps not starting if a --filesystem is a
symlink to the root directory (#1357)
* Show a warning when the --filesystem exists but cannot be shared with
the sandbox (#1357, #5035, #5205, #5207)
* Display the intended messages for `flatpak repair` (#5204)
* Exporting an app to an existing repository on a CIFS filesystem
now works as intended (#5257)
* Unset $GIO_EXTRA_MODULES for apps, avoiding misbehaviour in some GLib
apps when set to a path on the host (#5206)
* Unset $XKB_CONFIG_ROOT for apps, avoiding crashes in GTK and Qt apps
under Wayland when this variable is set to a path not available in the
sandbox (#5194)
* When using the fish shell, avoid duplicate XDG_DATA_DIRS entries if the
profile script is sourced more than once (#5198)
* Update included copy of bubblewrap to 0.7.0 for better error messages
* Install SELinux files correctly when building with Meson
* Translation updates: ru, tr (#5256, #5262)
Internal changes:
* Update included copy of libglnx
* flatpak -v now uses the INFO log level, and flatpak -vv uses the
DEBUG log level in the flatpak log domain. Previously, the extra
messages that were logged by flatpak -vv were in a separate "flatpak2"
log domain. G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=flatpak previously had an effect similar to
flatpak -v, and is now more similar to flatpak -vv. (#5001)
Changes in 1.15.1 Changes in 1.15.1
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Released: 2022-11-17 Released: 2022-11-17
Dependencies: Dependencies:
* When building with Meson, gpgme 1.8.0 is now required. * When building with Meson, gpgme 1.8.0 is now required.
Older versions can still be used by building with Autotools. Older versions can still be used by building with Autotools.
Features: Features:
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