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About: fish is a smart and user-friendly interactive command line shell.

fish_title.1  (fish-3.5.0.tar.xz):fish_title.1  (fish-3.5.1.tar.xz)
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function fish_title function fish_title
set -q argv[1]; or set argv fish set -q argv[1]; or set argv fish
# Looks like ~/d/fish: git log # Looks like ~/d/fish: git log
# or /e/apt: fish # or /e/apt: fish
echo (fish_prompt_pwd_dir_length=1 prompt_pwd): $argv; echo (fish_prompt_pwd_dir_length=1 prompt_pwd): $argv;
end end
2022, fish-shell developers 2022, fish-shell developers
3.5 Jun 16, 2022 FISH_TITLE(1) 3.5 Jul 20, 2022 FISH_TITLE(1)
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