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Source code changes of the file "src/calendar/gui/e-comp-editor-page.h" between
evolution-3.32.4.tar.xz and evolution-3.34.0.tar.xz

About: Evolution is a personal information management application that provides integrated mail, calendaring and address book functionality (GNOME desktop).

e-comp-editor-page.h  (evolution-3.32.4.tar.xz):e-comp-editor-page.h  (evolution-3.34.0.tar.xz)
skipping to change at line 67 skipping to change at line 67
ECompEditorPagePrivate *priv; ECompEditorPagePrivate *priv;
}; };
struct _ECompEditorPageClass { struct _ECompEditorPageClass {
GtkGridClass parent_class; GtkGridClass parent_class;
/* Virtual functions */ /* Virtual functions */
void (* sensitize_widgets) (ECompEditorPage *page, void (* sensitize_widgets) (ECompEditorPage *page,
gboolean force_insensitive); gboolean force_insensitive);
void (* fill_widgets) (ECompEditorPage *page, void (* fill_widgets) (ECompEditorPage *page,
icalcomponent *component); ICalComponent *component);
gboolean (* fill_component) (ECompEditorPage *page, gboolean (* fill_component) (ECompEditorPage *page,
icalcomponent *component); ICalComponent *component);
/* Signals */ /* Signals */
void (* changed) (ECompEditorPage *page); void (* changed) (ECompEditorPage *page);
}; };
GType e_comp_editor_page_get_type (void) G_GNUC_CONST; GType e_comp_editor_page_get_type (void) G_GNUC_CONST;
struct _ECompEditor * struct _ECompEditor *
e_comp_editor_page_ref_editor (ECompEditorPage *page); e_comp_editor_page_ref_editor (ECompEditorPage *page);
void e_comp_editor_page_add_property_part (ECompEditorPage *page, void e_comp_editor_page_add_property_part (ECompEditorPage *page,
ECompEditorPropertyPart *part, ECompEditorPropertyPart *part,
gint attach_left, gint attach_left,
gint attach_top, gint attach_top,
gint attach_width, gint attach_width,
gint attach_height); gint attach_height);
void e_comp_editor_page_sensitize_widgets (ECompEditorPage *page, void e_comp_editor_page_sensitize_widgets (ECompEditorPage *page,
gboolean force_insensiti ve); gboolean force_insensiti ve);
void e_comp_editor_page_fill_widgets (ECompEditorPage *page, void e_comp_editor_page_fill_widgets (ECompEditorPage *page,
icalcomponent *component ); ICalComponent *component );
gboolean e_comp_editor_page_fill_component (ECompEditorPage *page, gboolean e_comp_editor_page_fill_component (ECompEditorPage *page,
icalcomponent *component ); ICalComponent *component );
void e_comp_editor_page_emit_changed (ECompEditorPage *page); void e_comp_editor_page_emit_changed (ECompEditorPage *page);
gboolean e_comp_editor_page_get_updating (ECompEditorPage *page); gboolean e_comp_editor_page_get_updating (ECompEditorPage *page);
void e_comp_editor_page_set_updating (ECompEditorPage *page, void e_comp_editor_page_set_updating (ECompEditorPage *page,
gboolean updating); gboolean updating);
void e_comp_editor_page_select (ECompEditorPage *page); void e_comp_editor_page_select (ECompEditorPage *page);
#endif /* E_COMP_EDITOR_PAGE_H */ #endif /* E_COMP_EDITOR_PAGE_H */
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