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Source code changes of the file "src/calendar/libecal/e-cal-client-view.h" between
evolution-data-server-3.32.4.tar.xz and evolution-data-server-3.34.0.tar.xz

About: Evolution-Data-Server manages access to the calendar, tasks and addressbook information available for Evolution and other applications.

e-cal-client-view.h  (evolution-data-server-3.32.4.tar.xz):e-cal-client-view.h  (evolution-data-server-3.34.0.tar.xz)
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* *
* Base class structure for the #ECalClientView class * Base class structure for the #ECalClientView class
**/ **/
struct _ECalClientViewClass { struct _ECalClientViewClass {
/*< private >*/ /*< private >*/
GObjectClass parent_class; GObjectClass parent_class;
/*< public >*/ /*< public >*/
/* Signals */ /* Signals */
void (*objects_added) (ECalClientView *client_view, void (*objects_added) (ECalClientView *client_view,
const GSList *objects); const GSList *objects); /* ICalC omponent * */
void (*objects_modified) (ECalClientView *client_view, void (*objects_modified) (ECalClientView *client_view,
const GSList *objects); const GSList *objects); /* ICalC omponent * */
void (*objects_removed) (ECalClientView *client_view, void (*objects_removed) (ECalClientView *client_view,
const GSList *uids); const GSList *uids); /* ECalComp onentId * */
void (*progress) (ECalClientView *client_view, void (*progress) (ECalClientView *client_view,
guint percent, guint percent,
const gchar *message); const gchar *message);
void (*complete) (ECalClientView *client_view, void (*complete) (ECalClientView *client_view,
const GError *error); const GError *error);
}; };
GType e_cal_client_view_get_type (void) G_GNUC_CONST; GType e_cal_client_view_get_type (void) G_GNUC_CONST;
struct _ECalClient * struct _ECalClient *
e_cal_client_view_ref_client (ECalClientView *client_view); e_cal_client_view_ref_client (ECalClientView *client_view);
GDBusConnection * GDBusConnection *
e_cal_client_view_get_connection e_cal_client_view_get_connection
(ECalClientView *client_view); (ECalClientView *client_view);
const gchar * e_cal_client_view_get_object_path const gchar * e_cal_client_view_get_object_path
(ECalClientView *client_view); (ECalClientView *client_view);
gboolean e_cal_client_view_is_running (ECalClientView *client_view); gboolean e_cal_client_view_is_running (ECalClientView *client_view);
void e_cal_client_view_set_fields_of_interest void e_cal_client_view_set_fields_of_interest
(ECalClientView *client_view, (ECalClientView *client_view,
const GSList *fields_of_interest , const GSList *fields_of_interest , /* gchar * */
GError **error); GError **error);
void e_cal_client_view_start (ECalClientView *client_view, void e_cal_client_view_start (ECalClientView *client_view,
GError **error); GError **error);
void e_cal_client_view_stop (ECalClientView *client_view, void e_cal_client_view_stop (ECalClientView *client_view,
GError **error); GError **error);
void e_cal_client_view_set_flags (ECalClientView *client_view, void e_cal_client_view_set_flags (ECalClientView *client_view,
ECalClientViewFlags flags, ECalClientViewFlags flags,
GError **error); GError **error);
struct _ECalClient *
e_cal_client_view_get_client (ECalClientView *client_view);
#endif /* E_CAL_CLIENT_VIEW_H */ #endif /* E_CAL_CLIENT_VIEW_H */
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