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Source code changes of the file "po/POTFILES.in" between
etherape-0.9.17.tar.gz and etherape-0.9.18.tar.gz

About: EtherApe is a GNOME/pcap-based graphical network monitor (etherman clone).

POTFILES.in  (etherape-0.9.17):POTFILES.in  (etherape-0.9.18)
skipping to change at line 33 skipping to change at line 33
src/names/thread_resolve.c src/names/thread_resolve.c
src/stats/basic_stats.c src/stats/basic_stats.c
src/stats/conversations.c src/stats/conversations.c
src/stats/decode_proto.c src/stats/decode_proto.c
src/stats/links.c src/stats/links.c
src/stats/node.c src/stats/node.c
src/stats/node_id.c src/stats/node_id.c
src/stats/protocols.c src/stats/protocols.c
src/stats/traffic_stats.c src/stats/traffic_stats.c
src/stats/util.c src/stats/util.c
glade/etherape.glade glade/etherape.ui
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 0 lines changed or added

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