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Source code changes of the file "tests/integration/cluster.go" between
etcd-3.5.5.tar.gz and etcd-3.5.6.tar.gz

About: etcd is a distributed reliable key-value store for the most critical data of a distributed system (written in "Go").

cluster.go  (etcd-3.5.5):cluster.go  (etcd-3.5.6)
skipping to change at line 139 skipping to change at line 139
uniqueNumber int32 uniqueNumber int32
) )
type ClusterConfig struct { type ClusterConfig struct {
Size int Size int
PeerTLS *transport.TLSInfo PeerTLS *transport.TLSInfo
ClientTLS *transport.TLSInfo ClientTLS *transport.TLSInfo
DiscoveryURL string DiscoveryURL string
AuthToken string AuthToken string
AuthTokenTTL uint
UseGRPC bool UseGRPC bool
QuotaBackendBytes int64 QuotaBackendBytes int64
MaxTxnOps uint MaxTxnOps uint
MaxRequestBytes uint MaxRequestBytes uint
SnapshotCount uint64 SnapshotCount uint64
SnapshotCatchUpEntries uint64 SnapshotCatchUpEntries uint64
skipping to change at line 317 skipping to change at line 318
} }
return ms return ms
} }
func (c *cluster) mustNewMember(t testutil.TB, memberNumber int64) *member { func (c *cluster) mustNewMember(t testutil.TB, memberNumber int64) *member {
m := mustNewMember(t, m := mustNewMember(t,
memberConfig{ memberConfig{
name: c.generateMemberName(), name: c.generateMemberName(),
memberNumber: memberNumber, memberNumber: memberNumber,
authToken: c.cfg.AuthToken, authToken: c.cfg.AuthToken,
authTokenTTL: c.cfg.AuthTokenTTL,
peerTLS: c.cfg.PeerTLS, peerTLS: c.cfg.PeerTLS,
clientTLS: c.cfg.ClientTLS, clientTLS: c.cfg.ClientTLS,
quotaBackendBytes: c.cfg.QuotaBackendBytes, quotaBackendBytes: c.cfg.QuotaBackendBytes,
maxTxnOps: c.cfg.MaxTxnOps, maxTxnOps: c.cfg.MaxTxnOps,
maxRequestBytes: c.cfg.MaxRequestBytes, maxRequestBytes: c.cfg.MaxRequestBytes,
snapshotCount: c.cfg.SnapshotCount, snapshotCount: c.cfg.SnapshotCount,
snapshotCatchUpEntries: c.cfg.SnapshotCatchUpEntries , snapshotCatchUpEntries: c.cfg.SnapshotCatchUpEntries ,
grpcKeepAliveMinTime: c.cfg.GRPCKeepAliveMinTime, grpcKeepAliveMinTime: c.cfg.GRPCKeepAliveMinTime,
grpcKeepAliveInterval: c.cfg.GRPCKeepAliveInterval, grpcKeepAliveInterval: c.cfg.GRPCKeepAliveInterval,
grpcKeepAliveTimeout: c.cfg.GRPCKeepAliveTimeout, grpcKeepAliveTimeout: c.cfg.GRPCKeepAliveTimeout,
skipping to change at line 627 skipping to change at line 629
return m.s.CorruptionChecker() return m.s.CorruptionChecker()
} }
type memberConfig struct { type memberConfig struct {
name string name string
uniqNumber int64 uniqNumber int64
memberNumber int64 memberNumber int64
peerTLS *transport.TLSInfo peerTLS *transport.TLSInfo
clientTLS *transport.TLSInfo clientTLS *transport.TLSInfo
authToken string authToken string
authTokenTTL uint
quotaBackendBytes int64 quotaBackendBytes int64
maxTxnOps uint maxTxnOps uint
maxRequestBytes uint maxRequestBytes uint
snapshotCount uint64 snapshotCount uint64
snapshotCatchUpEntries uint64 snapshotCatchUpEntries uint64
grpcKeepAliveMinTime time.Duration grpcKeepAliveMinTime time.Duration
grpcKeepAliveInterval time.Duration grpcKeepAliveInterval time.Duration
grpcKeepAliveTimeout time.Duration grpcKeepAliveTimeout time.Duration
clientMaxCallSendMsgSize int clientMaxCallSendMsgSize int
clientMaxCallRecvMsgSize int clientMaxCallRecvMsgSize int
skipping to change at line 718 skipping to change at line 721
m.SnapshotCatchUpEntries = etcdserver.DefaultSnapshotCatchUpEntries m.SnapshotCatchUpEntries = etcdserver.DefaultSnapshotCatchUpEntries
if mcfg.snapshotCatchUpEntries != 0 { if mcfg.snapshotCatchUpEntries != 0 {
m.SnapshotCatchUpEntries = mcfg.snapshotCatchUpEntries m.SnapshotCatchUpEntries = mcfg.snapshotCatchUpEntries
} }
// for the purpose of integration testing, simple token is enough // for the purpose of integration testing, simple token is enough
m.AuthToken = "simple" m.AuthToken = "simple"
if mcfg.authToken != "" { if mcfg.authToken != "" {
m.AuthToken = mcfg.authToken m.AuthToken = mcfg.authToken
} }
if mcfg.authTokenTTL != 0 {
m.TokenTTL = mcfg.authTokenTTL
m.BcryptCost = uint(bcrypt.MinCost) // use min bcrypt cost to speedy up i ntegration testing m.BcryptCost = uint(bcrypt.MinCost) // use min bcrypt cost to speedy up i ntegration testing
m.grpcServerOpts = []grpc.ServerOption{} m.grpcServerOpts = []grpc.ServerOption{}
if mcfg.grpcKeepAliveMinTime > time.Duration(0) { if mcfg.grpcKeepAliveMinTime > time.Duration(0) {
m.grpcServerOpts = append(m.grpcServerOpts, grpc.KeepaliveEnforce mentPolicy(keepalive.EnforcementPolicy{ m.grpcServerOpts = append(m.grpcServerOpts, grpc.KeepaliveEnforce mentPolicy(keepalive.EnforcementPolicy{
MinTime: mcfg.grpcKeepAliveMinTime, MinTime: mcfg.grpcKeepAliveMinTime,
PermitWithoutStream: false, PermitWithoutStream: false,
})) }))
} }
 End of changes. 4 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 7 lines changed or added

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