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Source code changes of the file "EmailReminder/Birthday.py" between
email-reminder-0.8.0.tar.gz and email-reminder-0.8.1.tar.gz

About: Email-Reminder lets define events to be reminded of by email via cronjob (with GUI).

Birthday.py  (email-reminder-0.8.0):Birthday.py  (email-reminder-0.8.1)
skipping to change at line 34 skipping to change at line 34
COLUMN_NAMES = ["Name", "Birth Date", "Email"] COLUMN_NAMES = ["Name", "Birth Date", "Email"]
def fillNewEvent(self, event): def fillNewEvent(self, event):
super().fillNewEvent(event) super().fillNewEvent(event)
writeXMLValue(self.document, event, 'email', '') writeXMLValue(self.document, event, 'email', '')
def getDataInternal(self, column, row): def getDataInternal(self, column, row):
parentData = super().getDataInternal(column, row) parentData = super().getDataInternal(column, row)
if parentData: if parentData:
return parentData return parentData
elif column == 2: if column == 2:
return readXMLValue(self.events[row], 'email') return readXMLValue(self.events[row], 'email')
return None return None
def setDataInternal(self, column, row, value): def setDataInternal(self, column, row, value):
if column == 2: if column == 2:
if not EMAIL_REGEX.fullmatch(value): if not EMAIL_REGEX.fullmatch(value):
value = '' value = ''
writeXMLValue(self.document, self.events[row], 'email', value) writeXMLValue(self.document, self.events[row], 'email', value)
else: else:
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