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Source code changes of the file "bundles/5b667ec9b5ae6c11f354/6.js" between
element-v1.7.32.tar.gz and element-v1.7.33.tar.gz

About: Element (formerly known as Vector and Riot) is a Matrix collaboration web client (messenger) built using the Matrix React SDK.

6.js  (element-v1.7.32):6.js  (element-v1.7.33)
(window.webpackJsonp=window.webpackJsonp||[]).push([[6],{720:function(n,w){}}]); (window.webpackJsonp=window.webpackJsonp||[]).push([[6],{865:function(n,w){}}]);
//# sourceMappingURL=6.js.map //# sourceMappingURL=6.js.map
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1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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