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Source code changes of the file "DEPS" between
electron-11.0.1.tar.gz and electron-11.0.2.tar.gz

About: Electron is a framework for creating native cross platform applications with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

DEPS  (electron-11.0.1):DEPS  (electron-11.0.2)
skipping to change at line 17 skipping to change at line 17
'checkout_nacl', 'checkout_nacl',
'checkout_pgo_profiles', 'checkout_pgo_profiles',
'checkout_oculus_sdk', 'checkout_oculus_sdk',
'checkout_openxr', 'checkout_openxr',
'checkout_google_benchmark', 'checkout_google_benchmark',
'mac_xcode_version', 'mac_xcode_version',
] ]
vars = { vars = {
'chromium_version': 'chromium_version':
'87.0.4280.60', '87.0.4280.63',
'node_version': 'node_version':
'v12.18.3', 'v12.18.3',
'nan_version': 'nan_version':
'2c4ee8a32a299eada3cd6e468bbd0a473bfea96d', '2c4ee8a32a299eada3cd6e468bbd0a473bfea96d',
'squirrel.mac_version': 'squirrel.mac_version':
'a3a5b3f03b824441c014893b18f99a103b2603e9', 'a3a5b3f03b824441c014893b18f99a103b2603e9',
'boto_version': 'f7574aa6cc2c819430c1f05e9a1a1a666ef8169b', 'boto_version': 'f7574aa6cc2c819430c1f05e9a1a1a666ef8169b',
'pyyaml_version': '3.12', 'pyyaml_version': '3.12',
'requests_version': 'e4d59bedfd3c7f4f254f4f5d036587bcd8152458', 'requests_version': 'e4d59bedfd3c7f4f254f4f5d036587bcd8152458',
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1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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