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About: elasticsearch is a Distributed, RESTful, Search Engine built on top of Apache Lucene. Source package (GitHub).

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[role="exclude",id="xpack-commands"] [role="exclude",id="xpack-commands"]
=== X-Pack commands === X-Pack commands
See <<commands>>. See <<commands>>.
[role="exclude",id="ml-api-definitions"] [role="exclude",id="ml-api-definitions"]
=== Machine learning API definitions === Machine learning API definitions
See <<api-definitions>>. See <<api-definitions>>.
=== Exploring your cluster
See <<cat>>.
=== Cluster health
See <<cat-health>>.
[role="exclude", id="getting-started-list-indices"]
=== List all indices
See <<cat-indices>>.
[role="exclude", id="getting-started-create-index"]
=== Create an index
See <<indices-create-index>>.
[role="exclude", id="getting-started-query-document"]
=== Index and query a document
See <<getting-started-index>>.
[role="exclude", id="getting-started-delete-index"]
=== Delete an index
See <<indices-delete-index>>.
[role="exclude", id="getting-started-modify-data"]
== Modifying your data
See <<docs-update>>.
[role="exclude", id="indexing-replacing-documents"]
=== Indexing/replacing documents
See <<docs-index_>>.
[role="exclude", id="getting-started-explore-data"]
=== Exploring your data
See <<getting-started-search>>.
[role="exclude", id="getting-started-search-API"]
=== Search API
See <<getting-started-search>>.
[role="exclude", id="getting-started-conclusion"]
=== Conclusion
See <<getting-started-next-steps>>.
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