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About: elasticsearch is a Distributed, RESTful, Search Engine built on top of Apache Lucene. Source package (GitHub).

6.8.asciidoc  (elasticsearch-6.8.14-src):6.8.asciidoc  (elasticsearch-6.8.15-src)
== {es} version 6.8.14
Also see <<breaking-changes-6.8,Breaking changes in 6.8>>.
=== Security updates
* {es} versions before 7.10.0 and 6.8.14 have an information
disclosure issue when audit logging and the `emit_request_body` option are
enabled. The {es} audit log could contain sensitive information,
such as password hashes or authentication tokens. This could allow an
{es} administrator to view these details.
You must upgrade to {es} version 6.8.14 to obtain the fix.
=== Bug fixes
* Stop renew retention leases when follow task fails {es-pull}65168[#65168]
* Fix the version and term field initialization error of `NoOpResult` {es-pull}6
6269[#66269] (issue: {es-issue}66267[#66267])
* Do not report negative values for swap sizes {es-pull}57317[#57317] (issue: {e
* Fix missing `QuotaPath.unwrap()` instances {es-pull}67165[#67165] (issue: {es-
Machine learning::
* Fixes missing state in persist and restore for anomaly detection. This caused
suboptimal modeling after a job was closed and reopened or failed over to a
different node {ml-pull}1668[#1668]
* Ensure notify when proxy connections disconnect {es-pull}65697[#65697] (issue:
* Do not wrap `can_match` searchers {es-pull}64742[#64742]
=== Upgrades
* Upgrade bundled jdk to 15.0.1 and switch back to `AdoptOpenJDK` {es-pull}64253
[#64253] (issue: {es-issue}64026[#64026])
[[release-notes-6.8.13]] [[release-notes-6.8.13]]
== {es} version 6.8.13 == {es} version 6.8.13
Also see <<breaking-changes-6.8,Breaking changes in 6.8>>. Also see <<breaking-changes-6.8,Breaking changes in 6.8>>.
[[enhancement-6.8.13]] [[enhancement-6.8.13]]
[float] [float]
=== Enhancements === Enhancements
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