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Source code changes of the file "docker/Dockerfile.rhel7" between
drbd-9.1.10.tar.gz and drbd-9.1.11.tar.gz

About: DRBD (9.x) is a block device which is designed to build high availability clusters. This is done by mirroring a whole block device via (a dedicated) network. You could see it as a "network RAID-1". The driver code got integrated into the vanilla Linux kernel.

Dockerfile.rhel7  (drbd-9.1.10):Dockerfile.rhel7  (drbd-9.1.11)
FROM registry.access.redhat.com/ubi7/ubi FROM registry.access.redhat.com/ubi7/ubi
MAINTAINER Roland Kammerer <roland.kammerer@linbit.com> MAINTAINER Roland Kammerer <roland.kammerer@linbit.com>
ARG release=1 ARG release=1
LABEL name="DRBD Kernel module load container" \ LABEL name="DRBD Kernel module load container" \
vendor="LINBIT" \ vendor="LINBIT" \
version="$DRBD_VERSION" \ version="$DRBD_VERSION" \
release="$release" \ release="$release" \
summary="DRBD's kernel component" \ summary="DRBD's kernel component" \
description="DRBD's kernel component" description="DRBD's kernel component"
RUN mkdir /licenses && cp /usr/share/licenses/shadow-utils-4.6/gpl-2.0.txt /lice nses/ RUN mkdir /licenses && cp /usr/share/licenses/shadow-utils-4.6/gpl-2.0.txt /lice nses/
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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