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Source code changes of the file "src/lib-storage/mailbox-list-private.h" between
dovecot-2.3.16.tar.gz and dovecot-2.3.17.tar.gz

About: Dovecot is an IMAP and POP3 server, written with security primarily in mind.

mailbox-list-private.h  (dovecot-2.3.16):mailbox-list-private.h  (dovecot-2.3.17)
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char *error_string; char *error_string;
enum mail_error error; enum mail_error error;
bool temporary_error; bool temporary_error;
ARRAY(struct mail_storage_error) error_stack; ARRAY(struct mail_storage_error) error_stack;
ARRAY(union mailbox_list_module_context *) module_contexts; ARRAY(union mailbox_list_module_context *) module_contexts;
bool index_root_dir_created:1; bool index_root_dir_created:1;
bool list_index_root_dir_created:1; bool list_index_root_dir_created:1;
bool guid_cache_updated:1; bool guid_cache_updated:1;
bool disable_rebuild_on_corruption:1;
bool guid_cache_invalidated:1; bool guid_cache_invalidated:1;
bool last_error_is_internal:1; bool last_error_is_internal:1;
}; };
union mailbox_list_iterate_module_context { union mailbox_list_iterate_module_context {
struct mailbox_list_module_register *reg; struct mailbox_list_module_register *reg;
}; };
struct mailbox_list_iterate_context { struct mailbox_list_iterate_context {
struct mailbox_list *list; struct mailbox_list *list;
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0 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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