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Source code changes of the file "src/lib-storage/index/imapc/imapc-save.c" between
dovecot-2.3.16.tar.gz and dovecot-2.3.17.tar.gz

About: Dovecot is an IMAP and POP3 server, written with security primarily in mind.

imapc-save.c  (dovecot-2.3.16):imapc-save.c  (dovecot-2.3.17)
skipping to change at line 13 skipping to change at line 13
#include "lib.h" #include "lib.h"
#include "str.h" #include "str.h"
#include "istream.h" #include "istream.h"
#include "istream-crlf.h" #include "istream-crlf.h"
#include "ostream.h" #include "ostream.h"
#include "imap-date.h" #include "imap-date.h"
#include "imap-util.h" #include "imap-util.h"
#include "index-mail.h" #include "index-mail.h"
#include "mail-copy.h" #include "mail-copy.h"
#include "mailbox-list-private.h" #include "mailbox-list-private.h"
#include "imapc-msgmap.h"
#include "imapc-storage.h" #include "imapc-storage.h"
#include "imapc-sync.h" #include "imapc-sync.h"
#include "imapc-mail.h" #include "imapc-mail.h"
struct imapc_save_context { struct imapc_save_context {
struct mail_save_context ctx; struct mail_save_context ctx;
struct imapc_mailbox *mbox; struct imapc_mailbox *mbox;
struct mail_index_transaction *trans; struct mail_index_transaction *trans;
skipping to change at line 406 skipping to change at line 407
"imapc: COPY failed: %s", reply->text_full); "imapc: COPY failed: %s", reply->text_full);
ctx->ret = -1; ctx->ret = -1;
} }
imapc_client_stop(ctx->ctx->mbox->storage->client->client); imapc_client_stop(ctx->ctx->mbox->storage->client->client);
} }
int imapc_copy(struct mail_save_context *_ctx, struct mail *mail) int imapc_copy(struct mail_save_context *_ctx, struct mail *mail)
{ {
struct imapc_save_context *ctx = IMAPC_SAVECTX(_ctx); struct imapc_save_context *ctx = IMAPC_SAVECTX(_ctx);
struct mailbox_transaction_context *_t = _ctx->transaction; struct mailbox_transaction_context *_t = _ctx->transaction;
struct imapc_mailbox *src_mbox = IMAPC_MAILBOX(mail->box); struct imapc_mailbox *src_mbox;
struct imapc_msgmap *src_msgmap;
struct imapc_command *cmd; struct imapc_command *cmd;
struct imapc_save_cmd_context sctx; struct imapc_save_cmd_context sctx;
uint32_t rseq;
i_assert((_t->flags & MAILBOX_TRANSACTION_FLAG_EXTERNAL) != 0); i_assert((_t->flags & MAILBOX_TRANSACTION_FLAG_EXTERNAL) != 0);
if (_t->box->storage == mail->box->storage) { if (_t->box->storage == mail->box->storage) {
src_mbox = IMAPC_MAILBOX(mail->box);
/* same server, we can use COPY for the mail */ /* same server, we can use COPY for the mail */
src_msgmap =
if (mail->expunged ||
!imapc_msgmap_uid_to_rseq(src_msgmap, mail->uid, &rseq)) {
"Some of the requested messages no
longer exist.");
ctx->finished = TRUE;
return -1;
/* Mail has not been expunged and can be copied. */
sctx.ret = -2; sctx.ret = -2;
sctx.ctx = ctx; sctx.ctx = ctx;
cmd = imapc_client_mailbox_cmd(src_mbox->client_box, cmd = imapc_client_mailbox_cmd(src_mbox->client_box,
imapc_copy_callback, &sctx); imapc_copy_callback, &sctx);
imapc_command_sendf(cmd, "UID COPY %u %s", imapc_command_sendf(cmd, "UID COPY %u %s",
mail->uid, _t->box->name); mail->uid, _t->box->name);
while (sctx.ret == -2) while (sctx.ret == -2)
imapc_mailbox_run(src_mbox); imapc_mailbox_run(src_mbox);
ctx->finished = TRUE; ctx->finished = TRUE;
index_save_context_free(_ctx); index_save_context_free(_ctx);
 End of changes. 5 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 18 lines changed or added

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