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Source code changes of the file "src/lib-smtp/smtp-server-private.h" between
dovecot-2.3.16.tar.gz and dovecot-2.3.17.tar.gz

About: Dovecot is an IMAP and POP3 server, written with security primarily in mind.

smtp-server-private.h  (dovecot-2.3.16):smtp-server-private.h  (dovecot-2.3.17)
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ARRAY(struct smtp_capability_extra) extra_capabilities; ARRAY(struct smtp_capability_extra) extra_capabilities;
ARRAY_TYPE(const_string) mail_param_extensions; /* NULL-terminated */ ARRAY_TYPE(const_string) mail_param_extensions; /* NULL-terminated */
ARRAY_TYPE(const_string) rcpt_param_extensions; /* NULL-terminated */ ARRAY_TYPE(const_string) rcpt_param_extensions; /* NULL-terminated */
const struct smtp_server_callbacks *callbacks; const struct smtp_server_callbacks *callbacks;
void *context; void *context;
enum smtp_proxy_protocol proxy_proto; enum smtp_proxy_protocol proxy_proto;
unsigned int proxy_ttl_plus_1; unsigned int proxy_ttl_plus_1;
unsigned int proxy_timeout_secs; unsigned int proxy_timeout_secs;
char *proxy_helo;
struct smtp_server_helo_data helo, *pending_helo; struct smtp_server_helo_data helo, *pending_helo;
char *helo_domain, *username; char *helo_domain, *username;
struct timeout *to_idle; struct timeout *to_idle;
struct istream *raw_input; struct istream *raw_input;
struct ostream *raw_output; struct ostream *raw_output;
struct ssl_iostream_context *ssl_ctx; struct ssl_iostream_context *ssl_ctx;
struct ssl_iostream *ssl_iostream; struct ssl_iostream *ssl_iostream;
struct smtp_command_parser *smtp_parser; struct smtp_command_parser *smtp_parser;
skipping to change at line 354 skipping to change at line 355
enum smtp_server_state state, enum smtp_server_state state,
const char *args) ATTR_NULL(3); const char *args) ATTR_NULL(3);
int smtp_server_connection_ssl_init(struct smtp_server_connection *conn); int smtp_server_connection_ssl_init(struct smtp_server_connection *conn);
void smtp_server_connection_clear(struct smtp_server_connection *conn); void smtp_server_connection_clear(struct smtp_server_connection *conn);
struct smtp_server_transaction * struct smtp_server_transaction *
smtp_server_connection_get_transaction(struct smtp_server_connection *conn); smtp_server_connection_get_transaction(struct smtp_server_connection *conn);
void smtp_server_connection_set_proxy_data(
struct smtp_server_connection *conn,
const struct smtp_proxy_data *proxy_data);
/* /*
* Recipient * Recipient
*/ */
struct smtp_server_recipient * struct smtp_server_recipient *
smtp_server_recipient_create(struct smtp_server_cmd_ctx *cmd, smtp_server_recipient_create(struct smtp_server_cmd_ctx *cmd,
const struct smtp_address *rcpt_to, const struct smtp_address *rcpt_to,
const struct smtp_params_rcpt *params); const struct smtp_params_rcpt *params);
void smtp_server_recipient_ref(struct smtp_server_recipient *rcpt); void smtp_server_recipient_ref(struct smtp_server_recipient *rcpt);
bool smtp_server_recipient_unref(struct smtp_server_recipient **_rcpt); bool smtp_server_recipient_unref(struct smtp_server_recipient **_rcpt);
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