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About: Dovecot is an IMAP and POP3 server, written with security primarily in mind.

NEWS  (dovecot-2.3.16):NEWS  (dovecot-2.3.17)
v2.3.17 2021-10-28 Aki Tuomi <aki.tuomi@open-xchange.com>
* Dovecot now logs a warning if time seems to jump forward at least
100 milliseconds.
* dict: Lines logged by the dict process now contain the dict name as
the prefix.
* lib-index: mail_cache_fields, mail_always_cache_fields and
mail_never_cache_fields now verifies that the listed header names are
valid. Especially the UTF8 "–" character has sometimes been wrongly
used instead of the ASCII "-".
+ *-login: Added login_proxy_rawlog_dir setting to capture
rawlogs between proxy and backend.
+ dict: The server process now keeps the last 10 idle dict backends
cached for maximum of 30 seconds. Practically this acts as a
connection pool for dict-redis and dict-ldap. Note that this doesn't
affect dict-sql, because it already had its own internal cache.
+ doveadm: New stats add/remove commands added to support changing the
metrics configuration on runtime.
+ lazy_expunge: Added lazy_expunge_exclude settings to disable
lazy_expunge for specific folders. \Special-use flags can be used as
folder names.
+ lib-lua: Added a new helper function dovecot.restrict_global_variables(
to disable or enable defining new global variables.
- LAYOUT=index List index rebuild was missing.
- LAYOUT=index: Duplicate GUIDs were not detected.
- acl: When using acl_ignore_namespace Dovecot attempted to access or
create dovecot-acl-list even when the namespace should have been
ignored. For virtual namespaces this could have yielded errors about
"Read-only file system" or "Permission denied".
- auth: Setting the "master" passdb field to empty value would
cause proxying to fail with an authentication error.
Now an empty "master" field is ignored.
- doveadm-server: Duplicate error lines were sent for failed commands.
This didn't normally cause visible problems, except when using
wildcards in usernames or -A parameter to go through multiple users.
- doveadm-server: Logs written by doveadm-server were often missing log
prefixes, especially mail_log_prefix for mail commands. Logs sent to
doveadm TCP client were also missing log prefixes.
- doveadm: v2.3 regression: batch command always crashes.
- doveadm: v2.3.11 regression: Commands failed if ssl_cert or
ssl_key files weren't readable by the user running doveadm, even
though doveadm didn't actually use these settings
- imap-hibernate: Process may crash at deinit:
Panic: file ioloop.c: line 928 (io_loop_destroy): assertion failed:
(ioloop->cur_ctx == NULL).
- imap: Using imap_fetch_failure=no-after can cause assert-crash
with some IMAP commands if reading the mail fails (e.g. wrong cached
mail size). Fixes:
Panic: file index-mail-headers.c: line 198 (index_mail_parse_header_ini
assertion failed: (!mail->data.header_parser_initialized)
- imap: v2.3.10 regression: When using INDEXPVT to enable private
\Seen flags (for shared or public namespaces) the STORE command did
not send untagged replies for the \Seen flag changes.
- imap: v2.3.15 regression: If PREVIEW/SNIPPET is not the final FETCH
option in the command, the IMAP FETCH response is broken.
- imap: v2.3.15 regression: MOVE command leaks mailbox if it can't be
opened and crashes at deinit:
Panic: file mail-user.c: line 229 (mail_user_deinit): assertion failed:
((*user)->refcount == 1).
- imapc: Copying nonexistent mail via imapc could have crashed. Fixes:
Panic: file mail-storage.c: line 2385 (mailbox_transaction_commit_get_c
assertion failed: (ret < 0 || seq_range_count(&changes_r->saved_uids) =
= save_count ||
array_count(&changes_r->saved_uids) == 0).
- indexer: v2.3.15 regression: Process crashes if indexer-client
disconnects while it's waiting for command reply. This happened for
example if IMAP SEARCH triggered long fts indexing and the IMAP
client disconnected while waiting for the reply.
- indexer: v2.3.15 regression: Process may have crashed in some situation
- indexer: v2.3.15 regression: indexer-worker processes may not have
reached the process_limit in some situations, possibly even using just
one indexer-worker process even though there were many indexing
requests queued.
- lib-compression: Reading lz4 compressed mdbox mails may crash. Fixes:
Panic: file istream.c: line 345 (i_stream_read_memarea):
assertion failed: (!stream->blocking).
- lib-compression: bench-compress crashes due to xz being read-only.
- lib-lua: Fix linking libdict_lua for non-GNU linkers when Lua support
is disabled.
- lib-mail: There was no limit on how large an email header name could be
Processable header names are now limited to 1000 bytes.
- lib-oauth2: Dovecot disallowed JWT tokens if their validity time was
older than token creation time (nbf < iat).
- lib-storage: Reduce memory footprint of certain storage operations.
- lib-storage: When listing mailboxes with storage name escape
characters (^ or .) as part of the mailbox name, the listing could
show corrupted mailbox names. Due to an issue in handling escaped
parent folders, the listing of other mailbox names would become
corrupted by prepending parts of the previously listed mailboxes
parent folder as prefix to the actual mailbox names. The corruption
can occur when using LAYOUT=INDEX and maildir or obox, or when using
the listescape plugin.
- mail-crypt: Fix "-O" argument for "doveadm mailbox cryptokey password"
command to be a boolean, and not expect a string.
- submission-login: Add support for not authenticating to next hop in
submission proxying.
- submission-login: EHLO was not sent again after XCLIENT when doing
submission proxying.
- virtual: Mailboxes do not correctly detect underlying mailboxes
getting re-created even though they have a different UIDVALIDITY or
v2.3.16 2021-08-06 Timo Sirainen <timo.sirainen@open-xchange.com> v2.3.16 2021-08-06 Timo Sirainen <timo.sirainen@open-xchange.com>
* Any unexpected exit() will now result in a core dump. This can * Any unexpected exit() will now result in a core dump. This can
especially help notice problems when a Lua script causes exit(0). especially help notice problems when a Lua script causes exit(0).
* auth-worker process is now restarted when the number of auth * auth-worker process is now restarted when the number of auth
requests reaches service auth-worker { service_count }. The default requests reaches service auth-worker { service_count }. The default
is still unlimited. is still unlimited.
+ Event improvements: Added data_stack_grow event and http-client + Event improvements: Added data_stack_grow event and http-client
category. See https://doc.dovecot.org/admin_manual/list_of_events/ category. See https://doc.dovecot.org/admin_manual/list_of_events/
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