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deno-1.12.0.tar.gz and deno-1.12.1.tar.gz

About: Deno is is a simple, modern and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that uses the V8 JavaScript engine and is built in Rust.

toc.json  (deno-1.12.0):toc.json  (deno-1.12.1)
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"linking_to_external_code": { "linking_to_external_code": {
"name": "Linking to external code", "name": "Linking to external code",
"children": { "children": {
"reloading_modules": "Reloading modules", "reloading_modules": "Reloading modules",
"integrity_checking": "Integrity checking", "integrity_checking": "Integrity checking",
"proxies": "Proxies", "proxies": "Proxies",
"private": "Private modules", "private": "Private modules",
"import_maps": "Import maps" "import_maps": "Import maps"
} }
}, },
"npm_nodejs": {
"name": "Using npm/Node.js code",
"children": {
"std_node": "The std/node library",
"cdns": "Packages from CDNs",
"import_maps": "Using import maps",
"faqs": "Frequently asked questions"
"typescript": { "typescript": {
"name": "Using TypeScript", "name": "Using TypeScript",
"children": { "children": {
"overview": "Overview", "overview": "Overview",
"configuration": "Configuration", "configuration": "Configuration",
"types": "Types and type declarations", "types": "Types and type declarations",
"migration": "Migrating to/from JavaScript", "migration": "Migrating to/from JavaScript",
"runtime": "Runtime compiler APIs", "runtime": "Runtime compiler APIs",
"faqs": "Frequently asked questions" "faqs": "Frequently asked questions"
} }
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