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About: deco is a generic archive file extractor with a consistent command line interface.

NEWS  (deco-1.6.3):NEWS  (deco-1.6.4)
1.6.3 deco-1.6.4:
- Fixed a crash when handling archive formats that always extract to a Move to Git(Hub)
- Corrected a grammatical mistake in the usage message and a (still)
misleading error message.
- Minor code cleanup and optimization.
- Set -O2 compiler optimization level instead of -O1 in default CFLAGS.
- Compile with -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 so that files of 2 GiB or larger
can be extracted on platforms that don't enable large file support by
- Removed some obsolete code.
- Corrected a misleading error message (which probably nobody will ever
have seen).
- Minor code improvements.
- Updated the build system for BSD users having trouble compiling deco.
(See README for details.)
- The -k option has been removed and its behavior is now the default,
which should lead to a nicer work flow. Use the new -c ("clean")
option to get the previous default of aborting extraction on error
and deleting partial contents.
- Fixed a rather theoretical bug concerning the extraction of symbolic
- More code cleanups.
- If an archive named e.g. foo.zip contains a file also named foo.zip,
previous versions of deco would in some circumstances fail.
- Improved code style.
- Minor code cleanups.
- Avoid relying on theoretically undefined behavior with regards to
- The system's stat() function is called less often, which reduces
overhead on some platforms.
- Made the source code more readable.
- Correctly extract multipart archives residing in the / or //
- Fixed a bug that could cause deco to crash instead of exiting
gracefully when out of memory at a certain point.
- Some code optimizations and cleanups.
- Avoid relying on undefined behavior on platforms where the char type
is signed.
- About a dozen lines of code removed.
- Moved the default archive extractor wrappers to a separate package,
deco-archive <http://hartlich.com/deco/archive/>. From now on, the
deco package only includes the core program.
- Fixed a bug that caused a temporary directory not to be deleted when
creating symbolic links in it failed.
- Minor code improvements.
- Support for tar.7z/t7z archives added.
- In case of a conflict, prefix the top-level entry's name with 1-, 2-,
..., 5- instead of %, %%, ..., %%%%%.
- Some slight code improvements.
- 42 lines of C code have been removed, and the source files are divided
less arbitrarily.
- A slash is now appended when printing directory names even if stdout
isn't a terminal. This makes reusing deco's output in scripts more
- Formatted the EXTRACTORS variable in config.mk to be easier to read
and modify.
- More consistent error messages.
- Over 20 lines of code removed.
- Support for alz and lzo archives added.
- Cleaned up the core code a little more.
- Further adventures in code refactoring.
- Removed about 30 lines of baroque string handling code.
- Support the oxt (OpenOffice extension) alias for zip archives.
- Correctly unlink when both -u and -e are given.
- Avoid undefined cp behavior during make install.
- Use c99 instead of cc to compile and link.
- Nicer code.
- Cleaned up the source code quite a bit.
- deco's core, previously a shell script, has been rewritten in C,
decreasing time overhead fivefold. The new extractor wrapper format
also makes some of the wrapper (shell) code much nicer. For update
instructions, see the README file.
- Compatible with BSD make.
- Slightly polished documentation.
- Fixes an extraction error introduced in the last version which
appeared when extracting multiple archives residing in different
- Heavily refactored code. It should be easier to understand now.
- Fixes a Makefile error causing, on some systems, 'make install' to
fail unless a previous version was already installed. This change
also makes the install-options file easier to edit by logically
grouping available extractor wrappers.
- Support for the OpenDocument aliases to zip archives added.
- Use the official dpkg-deb command to extract deb archives, which
correctly handles all deb packages, regardless of whether they use
plain, gzip-, bzip2- or lzma-compressed tar archives internally.
- More liberal search for split rar archive files.
- The dirfrompath and filefrompath tools have been replaced by pure
shell code.
- Some code cleanups.
- For extracting rpm archives, rpm2cpio from the official rpm package
is now used when available.
- New variable $always_into_subdir, used in the rpm and deb extractor
wrappers, which causes the contents of archive.foo to always be put
into a new archive/ directory (even if archive.foo contains only a
single entry at its top level).
- Archives that contain very many files are extracted a little faster.
- Support for tar.lzma/tlz archives added.
- lzma extraction works with both LZMA Utils and LZMA SDK for now.
- Minor code cleanups.
- Corrects a (significant) typo in the flac extractor.
- More consistent usage note.
- Minor code cleanups.
- Some code cleanups.
- Archives composed of a huge number of archive files are now deleted
correctly if the -u option is active.
- Fixes a quoting error in the ape extractor.
- Minor code cleanups.
- Fixes a silly bug regarding file names that contain white space.
- crename and symlinktarget are now always built. This means that if
you decide to switch from a GNU toolchain to a non-GNU one, it will
not break deco.
- Default CFLAGS conform to the SUS.
- cc's parameter -s has been moved into LDFLAGS, so distributors no
longer need to patch the Makefile to enable debug symbols.
- The writeout utility has been replaced with pure shell code.
- Minor code cleanups.
- You can now run 'make uninstall' to uninstall deco.
- Files get installed with correct ownership.
- Even insane file names with path components ending in a newline now
work as expected. (Solaris and legacy system users should read the new
installation instructions, as support for non-SUS legacy shells had to
be dropped.)
- deco's version is displayed in the usage note.
- New handwritten, strictly conforming options parser.
- Fixes a bug that prevented some rpm archives from being extracted.
- Archives composed of multiple archive files are now deleted correctly
if the -u option is active.
- Fixes an ln error message (cosmetic).
- Minor portability improvements.
- Portability improved: deco should now work on SVR3 Bourne shell.
- An archive file can now be extracted on another file system.
- Support for lzma, zip aliases ear/cbz/wsz/xpi, rar alias cbr added.
- More portable cpio support.
- Corrects a bug that occurred if the $CDPATH variable was set.
- Support for archives composed of multiple archive files.
- -k option to keep partial contents if extraction fails added.
- Anti-overwriting fixes.
- Makefile portability improved.
- Makefile permission problems fixed.
- Minor code cleanups.
- Extension removal regression corrected.
- New C tools to fix the backslash bugs. For real, this time.
- Fixes problems with file names containing \ characters.
- Minor code cleanups.
- Support for arc/ark/sue, arj, lha/lzh, and zoo archives added.
- More thorough checking if crename needs to be built. This fixes a bug
with old versions of GNU mv when extracting archives that contain only
one file/directory at their top level.
- Fixes a cosmetic bug, yet again, that caused file name extensions
containing uppercase characters to not get removed.
- Fixes a cosmetic bug that caused file name extensions to not get
- First release.
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