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About: Digital Chart of the World polygon data (requires GMT 6.1.1 or later)

dcw-collections.txt  (dcw-gmt-2.1.0):dcw-collections.txt  (dcw-gmt-2.1.1)
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tag: IHO2 Kattegat, Sund and Belts tag: IHO2 Kattegat, Sund and Belts
region: 9.4208/13.0691/54.6339/58.3496 region: 9.4208/13.0691/54.6339/58.3496
tag: IHO3 Skagerrak tag: IHO3 Skagerrak
region: 7.0674/11.7057/57.1029/59.9196 region: 7.0674/11.7057/57.1029/59.9196
tag: IHO4 North Sea tag: IHO4 North Sea
region: -4.4442/9.8358/50.9337/61.0279 region: -4.4442/9.8358/50.9337/61.0279
tag: IHO5 Greenland Sea tag: IHO5 Greenland Sea
region: -36.8807/17.3984/65.0863/83.5812 region: -36.8807/17.3984/65.0863/83.5812
tag: IHO6 Norwegian Sea tag: IHO6 Norwegian Sea
region: -13.4975/25.7691/60.8621/76.5628 region: -13.4975/25.7691/60.8621/76.5628
tag: IHO7 Barentsz Sea tag: IHO7 Barents Sea
region: 16.5815/68.5558/66.8165/81.827 region: 16.5815/68.5558/66.8165/81.827
tag: IHO8 White Sea tag: IHO8 White Sea
region: 31.8693/44.5868/63.7814/68.652 region: 31.8693/44.5868/63.7814/68.652
tag: IHO9 Kara Sea tag: IHO9 Kara Sea
region: 55.0811/104.6984/66.195/81.4567 region: 55.0811/104.6984/66.195/81.4567
tag: IHO10 Laptev Sea tag: IHO10 Laptev Sea
region: 95.7028/141.3088/70.6804/81.233 region: 95.7028/141.3088/70.6804/81.233
tag: IHO11 East Siberian Sea tag: IHO11 East Siberian Sea
region: 138.9259/181.4047/68.7637/77.1251 region: 138.9259/181.4047/68.7637/77.1251
tag: IHO12 Chukchi Sea tag: IHO12 Chukchi Sea
skipping to change at line 495 skipping to change at line 495
tag: EANT East Antarctica tag: EANT East Antarctica
region: 0/180/-90/-65 region: 0/180/-90/-65
tag: WANT West Antarctica tag: WANT West Antarctica
region: -180/0/-90/-61 region: -180/0/-90/-61
tag: ANTP Antarctic Peninsula tag: ANTP Antarctic Peninsula
region: -72/-56.8/-74.8/-63.2 region: -72/-56.8/-74.8/-63.2
tag: GRSI Greater Sunda Islands tag: GRSI Greater Sunda Islands
region: 94/126/-9.6/7.6 region: 94/126/-9.6/7.6
tag: ARTA Arctic Archipelago tag: ARTA Arctic Archipelago
region: -128/-60/60/84 region: -128/-60/60/84
# Continental sector of some countries
tag: CRC Continental Costa Rica
region: 274.049382/277.443941/8.032905/11.216727
tag: ECC Continental Ecuador
region: 278.921186/284.815170/-4.998823/1.438945
tag: PTC Continental Portugal
region: -9.56/-6.18/36.955/42.16
tag: ESC Continental Spain
region: -9.290919/4.315019/35.185219/43.791472
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