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cppcheck-1.86.tar.gz and cppcheck-1.87.tar.gz

About: Cppcheck is a static analysis tool for C/C++ code. It checks for memory leaks, mismatching allocation-deallocation, buffer overrun, and many more.

AUTHORS  (cppcheck-1.86):AUTHORS  (cppcheck-1.87)
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Benjamin Goose Benjamin Goose
Benjamin Kramer Benjamin Kramer
Benjamin Woester Benjamin Woester
Benjamin Wolsey Benjamin Wolsey
Ben T Ben T
Bill Egert Bill Egert
Björge Dijkstra Björge Dijkstra
booga booga
Boris Barbulovski Boris Barbulovski
Boris Egorov Boris Egorov
Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belon Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belón
Carlos Gomes Martinho Carlos Gomes Martinho
Cary R Cary R
Changkyoon Kim Changkyoon Kim
Christian Ehrlicher Christian Ehrlicher
Christian Franke Christian Franke
Chuck Larson Chuck Larson
Colomban Wendling Colomban Wendling
Daniel Marjamäki Daniel Marjamäki
David Hallas David Hallas
David Korth David Korth
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Igor Zhukov Igor Zhukov
Ivan Maidanski Ivan Maidanski
Iván Matellanes Iván Matellanes
Ivan Ryabov Ivan Ryabov
Jakub Melka Jakub Melka
Jan Hellwig Jan Hellwig
János Maros János Maros
Jay Sigbrandt Jay Sigbrandt
Jens Bäckman Jens Bäckman
Jérémy Lefaure Jérémy Lefaure
Jes Ramsing
Johan Samuelson Johan Samuelson
John-Paul Ore John-Paul Ore
John Smits John Smits
Jonathan Clohessy Jonathan Clohessy
Jonathan Neuschäfer Jonathan Neuschäfer
Jonathan Thackray Jonathan Thackray
Jose Roquette Jose Roquette
Joshua Beck Joshua Beck
Joshua Rogers Joshua Rogers
Julian Santander Julian Santander
Jure Menart
Jussi Lehtola Jussi Lehtola
Jørgen Kvalsvik Jørgen Kvalsvik
Kamil Dudka Kamil Dudka
Kartik Bajaj Kartik Bajaj
Kevin Christian Kevin Christian
Kevin Kendzia Kevin Kendzia
Kimmo Varis Kimmo Varis
Konrad Grochowski Konrad Grochowski
Konrad Windszus Konrad Windszus
Kyle Chisholm Kyle Chisholm
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ms ms
Neszt Tibor Neszt Tibor
Nguyen Duong Tuan Nguyen Duong Tuan
Ni2c2k Ni2c2k
Nick Ridgway Nick Ridgway
Nicolás Alvarez Nicolás Alvarez
Nicolas Le Cam Nicolas Le Cam
Nilesh Kumar Nilesh Kumar
Ogawa KenIchi Ogawa KenIchi
Oleksandr Redko Oleksandr Redko
Oliver Schode
Oliver Stöneberg Oliver Stöneberg
Olivier Croquette Olivier Croquette
Paul Fultz II Paul Fultz II
Pavel Bibergal Pavel Bibergal
Pavel Pimenov Pavel Pimenov
Pavel Roschin Pavel Roschin
Pavol Misik Pavol Misik
Pete Johns Pete Johns
Peter Pentchev Peter Pentchev
Philipp Kloke Philipp Kloke
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