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Source code changes of the file "core-bundle/src/Resources/contao/languages/nl/default.xlf" between
contao-4.11.3.tar.gz and contao-4.11.4.tar.gz

About: Contao (fka TYPOlight) is a content management system (CMS). Latest release.

default.xlf  (contao-4.11.3):default.xlf  (contao-4.11.4)
skipping to change at line 1470 skipping to change at line 1470
</trans-unit> </trans-unit>
<trans-unit id="MSC.password.0"> <trans-unit id="MSC.password.0">
<source>Password</source> <source>Password</source>
<target>Wachtwoord</target> <target>Wachtwoord</target>
</trans-unit> </trans-unit>
<trans-unit id="MSC.password.1"> <trans-unit id="MSC.password.1">
<source>Please enter a password.</source> <source>Please enter a password.</source>
<target>Geef een wachtwoord op.</target> <target>Geef een wachtwoord op.</target>
</trans-unit> </trans-unit>
<trans-unit id="MSC.confirm.0"> <trans-unit id="MSC.confirm.0">
<source>Confirmation</source> <source>Confirm password</source>
</trans-unit> </trans-unit>
<trans-unit id="MSC.confirm.1"> <trans-unit id="MSC.confirm.1">
<source>Please confirm the password.</source> <source>Please confirm the password.</source>
<target>Bevestig het wachtwoord.</target> <target>Bevestig het wachtwoord.</target>
</trans-unit> </trans-unit>
<trans-unit id="MSC.dateAdded.0"> <trans-unit id="MSC.dateAdded.0">
<source>Date added</source> <source>Date added</source>
<target>Datum toegevoegd</target> <target>Datum toegevoegd</target>
</trans-unit> </trans-unit>
<trans-unit id="MSC.dateAdded.1"> <trans-unit id="MSC.dateAdded.1">
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2 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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