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Source code changes of the file "tests/core/test_prefix_data.py" between
conda-4.6.2.tar.gz and conda-4.6.3.tar.gz

About: Conda is a cross-platform, language-agnostic, system-level binary package manager and ecosystem.

test_prefix_data.py  (conda-4.6.2):test_prefix_data.py  (conda-4.6.3)
skipping to change at line 133 skipping to change at line 133
_print_output(expected_output, record_names) _print_output(expected_output, record_names)
for record_name in record_names: for record_name in record_names:
_print_output(record_name) _print_output(record_name)
assert record_name in expected_output assert record_name in expected_output
for record_name in expected_output: for record_name in expected_output:
_print_output(record_name) _print_output(record_name)
assert record_name in record_names assert record_name in record_names
def test_get_conda_anchor_files_and_records(): def test_get_conda_anchor_files_and_records():
valid_tests = [ valid_tests = [
os.sep.join(('v', 'site-packages', 'spam', '.egg-info', 'PKG-INFO')), 'v/site-packages/spam.egg-info/PKG-INFO',
os.sep.join(('v', 'site-packages', 'foo', '.dist-info', 'RECORD')), 'v/site-packages/foo.dist-info/RECORD',
os.sep.join(('v', 'site-packages', 'bar', '.egg-info')), 'v/site-packages/bar.egg-info',
] ]
invalid_tests = [ invalid_tests = [
os.sep.join(('i', 'site-packages', '.egg-link')), 'v/site-packages/valid-package/_vendor/invalid-now.egg-info/PKG-INFO',
os.sep.join(('i', 'spam', '.egg-info', 'PKG-INFO')), 'i/site-packages/stuff.egg-link',
os.sep.join(('i', 'foo', '.dist-info', 'RECORD')), 'i/spam.egg-info/PKG-INFO',
os.sep.join(('i', 'bar', '.egg-info')), 'i/foo.dist-info/RECORD',
os.sep.join(('i', 'site-packages', 'spam')), 'i/bar.egg-info',
os.sep.join(('i', 'site-packages', 'foo')), 'i/site-packages/spam',
os.sep.join(('i', 'site-packages', 'bar')), 'i/site-packages/foo',
] ]
tests = valid_tests + invalid_tests tests = valid_tests + invalid_tests
records = [] records = []
for path in tests: for path in tests:
record = DummyPythonRecord() record = DummyPythonRecord()
record.files = [path] record.files = [path]
records.append(record) records.append(record)
output = get_conda_anchor_files_and_records(records) output = get_conda_anchor_files_and_records("v/site-packages", records)
expected_output = odict() expected_output = odict()
for i in range(len(valid_tests)): for i in range(len(valid_tests)):
expected_output[valid_tests[i]] = records[i] expected_output[valid_tests[i]] = records[i]
_print_output(output, expected_output) _print_output(output, expected_output)
assert output, expected_output assert output == expected_output
 End of changes. 4 change blocks. 
11 lines changed or deleted 12 lines changed or added

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